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Build your AI product without vendor lock-in.
Generated by ChatGPT is a platform offering AI as a service. The tool does not create vendor lock-in and aims to support the building of AI products with compatibility for other platforms and services such as Langchain, LlamaIndex, Haystack and VS code extensions.

Specific mention is made of providing the LLMs API for Asian languages. Users can choose from a range of models, each with their own pricing and feature set.

Models on offer include SeaLLM-7b-v2, Typhoon-7b, OpenThaiGPT-13b and the coming soon SQLCoder-7b-2. These models are used in different applications such as chat and completion, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition (NER), and 'RAG' which might refer to a functionality specific to the tool.

A special characteristic of the SQLCoder-7B-v2 model is noted as its Text-to-SQL feature. The goal of is to suit diverse requirements, from basic to professional, and the package includes a range of options according to the unique challenges faced by users.


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Float16 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No vendor lock-in
Cross-platform compatibility
Langchain integration
LlamaIndex compatibility
Haystack integration
VS code extensions support
LLMs API for Asian languages
Multiple model options
Model-specific pricing
SeaLLM-7b-v2, Typhoon-7b availability
OpenThaiGPT-13b availability
Future SQLCoder-7b-2 model
Application in chat and completion
Sentiment analysis capabilities
Named entity recognition (NER)
'RAG' functionality
SQLCoder-7B-v2's Text-to-SQL feature
Suited for diverse requirements
Options for unique challenges


No free tier
Limited model selection
Multiple pricing for models
Unclear purpose of 'RAG'
No mention of scalability
Incomplete feature comparison
Specific API for Asian languages
SQLCoder-7B-v2 model not available
Text-to-SQL only for specific model


What is
What kind of tools does Float16 offer?
What is the advantage of using Float16 over others?
What type of models does Float16 provide?
What are the special characteristics of the SQLCoder-7B-v2 model?
What is the LLMs API and how does it support Asian languages?
Is Float16 compatible with Langchain, LlamaIndex, Haystack, and VS code extensions?
What kind of services are on offer based on the pricing of models?
What is the Text-to-SQL feature of SQLCoder-7B-v2?
Can I change models in the middle of my subscription?
How does Float16's 'AI as a service' work?
What does it mean that Float16 does not create 'vendor lock-in'?
Is there a trial or free credit for Float16?
Are there different feature sets associated with different pricing models on Float16?
Can I use Float16 cloud for sentiment analysis and named entity recognition?
What does 'RAG' refer to in terms of functionality on Float16?
What languages does Float16 support?
How is Float16 useful for building AI products?
What is the maximum number of tokens supported by Float16's models?
Does Float16 offer any VS Code Extensions support?

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