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Test your web apps across browsers, automate your tests or test AI product features.
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QualityX aiTest is a unified Release QA platform to assist enterprises of all sizes to confidently release production-grade applications.

aiTest supports cross-browser testing across multiple devices and for all types of operating systems such as Android and iOS. You can test your application under real-world load conditions or for visual regression with aiTest platform.

It includes a unique AI Copilot that automatically generates test cases and automation codes for web applications, APIs, data science solutions, machine learning models, and LLMs before their releases.

aiTest automatically generates testing code for easy integration with Karate, Selenium, Cucumber, and JMeter. It also tracks and traces all execution runs for transparent reporting to all stakeholders.

Customer support is provided via a Discord channel and/or by sending an email to the customer engagement team.
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Feb 12, 2024
An effortless tool that jumpstarts your API automation journey, swift automation generation. Running test parallel across multiple users
Feb 12, 2024
As a Project Manager, I could see the difference in the time consumption before aiTest- Automation CoPilot, and now..the OA efforts have been reduced by 70% which is a record in itself. A great tool indeed!!!
Feb 6, 2024
This is a great tool to test data science applications that gets data from APIs. And it automatically generates the test code for easy Karate integration too!
Feb 6, 2024
Once click API Automation with a leading framework like Karate is a breeze for QA Engineers. QualityX aiTest is must have tool for every QA.
Feb 2, 2024
The Automation Copilot has helped me a lot in generating test cases for BDD automation framework.

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QualityX aiTest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Tests web apps cross-browser
Automates repeated tests
Requires JavaScript
Easy sign-in process
Google and email login
User-friendly interface
Provides user guidance
Interactive visual aids
Provides testing insights
Secure credential storage
Remember Me feature
Account recovery option
Supports continuous development
Simplified login process


Requires JavaScript
No multi-language support
No mobile testing
only via Google/email
No API testing facility
No performance testing
Reliance on visual aids
No functionality for test scripting
No database testing capacity
No distributed testing support


What is QualityX aiTest designed to do?
Can QualityX aiTest test across multiple browsers?
Does QualityX aiTest allow automation of repetitive tests?
Can QualityX aiTest be used to test AI, LLM, and ML features?
Why does QualityX aiTest require JavaScript enabled?
What sign-in options does QualityX aiTest offer?
Does QualityX aiTest provide a 'How to Use' guide?
What kind of interface does QualityX aiTest have?
What visual aids does QualityX aiTest use to help users understand their testing processes and results?
Does QualityX aiTest securely store user credentials?
What is the 'Remember Me' feature on QualityX aiTest?
What do I do if I forget my password on QualityX aiTest?
Can QualityX aiTest assist with account recovery?
What does QualityX aiTest offer for ongoing software development and updates?
How does QualityX aiTest cater to developers in the AI and Machine Learning fields?
How is the sign-in procedure on QualityX aiTest?
Does QualityX aiTest provide any unique insights into testing processes?
What user informations does QualityX aiTest store?
How does QualityX aiTest handle user account security?
Is QualityX aiTest capable of cross browser testing?


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