Test automation 2023-10-19
Automated testing & quality assurance for applications.
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mabl is an intelligent, low-code test automation solution designed for high-velocity software teams aiming to seamlessly integrate automated end-to-end tests throughout the development lifecycle. Positioned as a comprehensive platform, mabl facilitates the creation, execution, and maintenance of reliable browser, API, and mobile web tests. The tool emphasizes efficiency, promising 90% less effort to achieve fast and reliable test coverage.

Key features include a low-code approach to simplify test creation and maintenance, API testing capabilities, performance testing, and auto-healing functionality to reduce time spent fixing tests. The platform supports cross-browser and mobile testing, making it versatile for different application environments.

mabl's AI capabilities have earned it the AI Breakthrough Award for Engineering Solutions four times, highlighting its commitment to harnessing AI to enhance test coverage, reliability, and reduce maintenance efforts.

The tool caters to various user needs, including QA professionals, developers, and executives, and is recognized as a Boston Globe Top Place to Work. It is used by companies like Barracuda to achieve high-quality security solutions with significant reductions in testing time.

In summary, mabl is a leading, intelligent test automation solution with a low-code approach, offering a unified platform for high-velocity software teams to efficiently manage end-to-end testing in the development lifecycle.

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Mabl was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2023.
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