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Create stable, reliable tests in plain English with AI.
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Testsigma is an AI-driven test automation tool which offers a low-code approach, enabling the creation of tests in plain English. This test automation platform is described as stable and reliable, and is claimed to significantly reduce test flakiness.

Platform features include web application, mobile app, and API testing. Various use cases are supported, ranging from regression to visual testing. The platform is designed for test development and execution, reporting and analytics, test data management, and AI-driven test automation.

It provides integrations, add-ons, and extensive feature coverage. Tests can be authored using Natural Language Processing (NLP), making scripting more intuitive.

Testsigma also offers 'auto-healing' tests, automatically adjusting the mapping of application elements as they change. Its AI-based Suggestions Engine helps debug test failures by identifying possible root causes, and its predictive defect identification capability anticipates areas of application that may be affected by failed tests.

The platform offers the option to run tests on the cloud or locally across a range of device environments. It supports continuous testing, working closely with CI/CD platforms.

Testsigma delivers a unified platform that is capable of test management, authoring, execution, reporting, and advanced features such as AI suggestion engine and visual testing.


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Testsigma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Low-code approach
Plain English tests
Reduces test flakiness
Supports web application testing
Supports mobile app testing
Supports API testing
Supports regression testing
Supports visual testing
Test data management
Test development capability
Test execution capability
Reporting and analytics
Multiple integrations
Extensive feature coverage
Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Auto-healing tests
Predictive defect identification
Runs tests on cloud
Runs tests locally
Supports diverse device environments
Continuous testing support
CI/CD platform integration
Unified platform for test management
Authoring capability
Advanced features included
Visual testing option
Test execution cloud
Scheduled test runs
Parallel testing
Cross browser and device testing
Drill-down test reports
Screenshots and videos
Text logs
Productivity trends
Centralized agent control
Test versioning
User and role management
Requirement management
Testsigma Recorder
Reusable step groups
Multi-device user journey tests
Cross-browser and mobile environments
Seamless tech stack integration
Low-maintenance tests
Debugging aids
Increased test coverage
Over 25 million tests supported
Empowerment of more than 9000 QAs
Ability to replace multiple tools


Only test automation tool
Lacks performance testing
Limited flexibility for scripting
No desktop application testing
Could lead to over-reliance
Plain English scripting might not be detailed enough
Possible inaccuracies in 'auto-healing' tests
Less advanced than code-based counterparts


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Can I run tests on Testsigma both on the cloud and locally?
Does Testsigma support continuous testing?
How can Testsigma be used for test management?
Does Testsigma offer any integrations or add-ons?
Can Testsigma reduce test flakiness?
What kind of testing use-cases does Testsigma support?
Can I use Testsigma for mobile app and API testing?
Does Testsigma allow scripting in plain English?
How does Testsigma work with CI/CD platforms?
What is the Testsigma 'Recorder feature'?
Does Testsigma offer any advanced features like visual testing or AI suggestion engine?
Can I use Testsigma for regression and visual testing?
Is Testsigma capable of test development and execution?
Does Testsigma provide any analytics or reports on the tests run?


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