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Create custom vision apps
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FieldDay is an AI tool that enables anyone to create custom vision AI applications. With the camera as a platform for productivity, users can collect a dataset specific to their expertise and refine the algorithm through iterations.

It provides a mobile machine learning toolkit, allowing users to develop and embed custom AI apps into their preferred tools using only their smartphones.FieldDay empowers users to bring utility to their cameras by teaching their apps to "see." By gathering samples of what they want their AI to detect, they can easily create custom AI models with a simple tap of a button, requiring just a few minutes.

Users can test the accuracy of their AI in real-time by visualizing the results.One of the key features of FieldDay is the ability to train models to identify multiple objects within a scene.

This tool also offers functionality to label, manage, and push different model iterations. It aims to simplify the process of building custom AI models, allowing users to get started quickly.FieldDay has recently released its initial version for iOS and is available for download on the App Store.

It provides valuable resources such as a comprehensive guide on how it works, pricing details, a legal section, and a community to collaborate and learn from other users.


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FieldDay was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates custom vision apps
Uses camera for productivity
Mobile machine learning toolkit
Teaches apps to 'see'
Real-time accuracy visualization
Identifies multiple objects
Label and manage models
Push model iterations
Available for iOS
Comprehensive usage guide
Community for collaboration
Gathers specific dataset samples
Training models with a tap
Rapid model creation
Initial version already released
Includes Pricing details
Includes Legal section
User-friendly UI
Application in smart homes
Application in retail
Custom dataset based on expertise
Perfection of algorithm through iteration
Facility to test model
Extensive resources provided
Easy-to-use for non-coders
Bring utility to cameras
Discord community link


Only available on iOS
Potential for privacy concerns
Data collection reliant on users
Limited algorithm refinement control
Requires able smartphone camera
Manual data labelling needed
Real-time accuracy might vary
Single tap might miss-label
No mention of API Integration


What is FieldDay?
How does FieldDay work?
What is the purpose of FieldDay?
How do you create custom vision AI apps with FieldDay?
How can FieldDay be used to train models to identify multiple objects?
What are the main functionalities of FieldDay?
How long does it take to create custom AI models using FieldDay?
How does FieldDay refine the algorithm through iterations?
Does FieldDay allow testing of the AI accuracy in real-time?
Who can use FieldDay?
Is FieldDay available for Android?
Is there any community for FieldDay users?
What resources does FieldDay provide?
How does FieldDay allow usage of the camera for AI apps?
Does FieldDay offer any guide on how to use it?
What is the mobile machine learning toolkit in FieldDay?
Where can I find the pricing details of FieldDay?
How do you manage AI model iterations in FieldDay?
How can I label my AI models in FieldDay?
Can FieldDay enable my apps to 'see'?

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