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Enhance browsing with AI-powered features
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Microsoft Edge: AI Browser is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your browsing experiences. It features 'Copilot' that is powered by GPT-4, which facilitates refined searches, answers queries, and provides comprehensive summaries.

This tool also contains DALL-E 3 which supports creating images based on given text prompts. Its other notable features include Read Aloud, which reads out content in multiple languages, and InPrivate browsing & search, which offers enhanced privacy protection and secures sensitive user information.

Microsoft Edge provides ad-blocking capabilities along with protection from phishing and malware attacks courtesy of Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. Exploring E-commerce, Microsoft Edge provides shopping tools featuring price history and comparison, automatic application of coupons to orders, and Microsoft Rewards offering cashbacks or rebates with participating retailers.

This browser tool prioritises user security, safety, and privacy, and aims to provide a seamless, smart and protected browsing experience.


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Microsoft Edge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 powered Copilot
Refined search capabilities
In-depth query answers
Comprehensive content summaries
DALL-E 3 image creation
Read Aloud in multi-languages
Enhanced InPrivate browsing
Robust privacy protection
User information security
Ad-blocking feature
Protection from phishing/malware
Shopping tools integration
Price history and comparison
Automatic coupon application
Cashback or rebates
Microsoft Defender Smartscreen
Password monitoring
Dark web detection
Default tracking prevention
Secure data synchronization
Data encryption in transit
Data deletion request option
4.6-star user rating
50M+ downloads
Ranked #9 in communication
Smart security tools
Protection from trackers
Browsing history protection
Personalized browsing experience
Seamless, secure online shopping


Lacking easy bookmark import
Frequent updates
Incessant default browser requests
Inadequate ad-blocking
Challenges with sync functionality
Difficult menu editing
Potential issues with audio
Forced dark mode
Not fully privacy-focused
Shopping feature only in US


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Which features of Microsoft Edge help with shopping?
How can I earn cashbacks or rebates through Microsoft Edge?
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What AI features does Microsoft Edge have to enhance my browsing experience?
How does Microsoft Edge prioritize user security, safety and privacy?
How does Microsoft Defender Smartscreen work with Microsoft Edge?
How can GPT-4 in Microsoft Edge refine my web searches and answer my queries?
How does Microsoft Edge: AI Browser provide a seamless, smart and protected browsing experience?
Can I create images using text prompts in Microsoft Edge?
What is Microsoft Rewards and how is it beneficial?
Can Microsoft Edge: AI Browser provide price history and comparison for my online shopping?
Does Microsoft Edge automatically apply coupons to my online orders?
Does Microsoft Edge's Read Aloud feature work in multiple languages?
Does Microsoft Edge: AI Browser have a feature for browsing in privacy mode?

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