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Multilingual smart search.
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GPTGO is a free search engine platform that combines the best features from Google search technology and ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

It allows users to search for information in several languages and receive both traditional search results from Google and creative responses from ChatGPT.

With GPTGO, users can access an unlimited ChatGPT account, eliminating usage limitations. The tool's search response time is super fast, saving users valuable time.

Users can easily copy and download ChatGPT content from the platform. GPTGO's main feature is its combination of the search engine and intelligent response capabilities of ChatGPT.

This smart search technology is available across devices and different web browsers, and users do not need a separate ChatGPT account to use the platform.

The tool maintains the user's privacy and anonymity by not storing or tracking any user information. GPTGO is different from other search tools because of its innovative use of both Google search technology and intelligent ChatGPT responses, making online information search simpler and faster.

The platform will soon launch an Android/iOS app version for faster access, and users can give their suggestions for improvements to the search algorithm, providing opportunities for continuous improvement.


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GPTGO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual search results
Combines Google and ChatGPT results
Unlimited ChatGPT usage
Super fast response time
Easily copy/download ChatGPT content
Works across devices/browsers
Maintains user privacy/anonymity
Doesn't require separate ChatGPT account
Android/iOS app soon available
Open to user suggestions for improvements
Single Sign-On not required
Integrated premium ChatGPT account
High accuracy results due to integration
Protects user actions as anonymous


No offline usage
Dependent on Google’s technology
Potential limited language support
No advanced search filters
No personalization features
No voice search option
Limited to browser-based use
App version not yet available
No bookmarking feature


What languages does GPTGO support?
How fast is the response time of GPTGO?
Do I need a separate ChatGPT account to use GPTGO?
Can I copy and download ChatGPT content from GPTGO?
What makes GPTGO different from other search engines?
Is GPTGO accessible across different web browsers and devices?
Does GPTGO maintain my privacy and anonymity?
Is GPTGO launching an app for Android/iOS?
Are there any usage limitations with GPTGO?
Is GPTGO a paid service or is it free?
What type of feedback can I give to improve GPTGO's search algorithm?
What is the main feature of GPTGO?
Is there any plan for new features or upgrades on GPTGO?
What is the accuracy of the ChatGPT responses in GPTGO?
How does GPTGO merge Google search technology and ChatGPT?
Does GPTGO provide opportunities for continuous improvement?
How does GPTGO work?
How can I maximize my experience with GPTGO?
Does GPTGO have a desktop version?
Can I use GPTGO on mobile devices?

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