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Making all your site content searchable.
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Omnisearch is a groundbreaking search product designed to enhance the accessibility of content on your site. It is capable of making all types of content searchable, extending from text, documents, and presentations to audio and video.

This revolutionary tool is developed with the ability to index and find information within your content without necessitating the input of any metadata.

Omnisearchs search technology utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for content extraction, providing fast and relevant search results.

As a result, users can swiftly locate the information they require and enjoy a stress-free way to view your media. This search tool proves to be beneficial for both internal and website searches.

The Omnisearch platform has a global reach, supporting multiple languages. The power of this tool is also manifested in its versatility, capable of seamlessly integrating into sites and improving the user experience.

Its applications are broad, demonstrated by its adoption in various industries like education where keywords can be searched inside video content, proving instrumental for in-depth courses and tests requiring recall of specific details.

The installation process is also simple, making it easy for users to get started. The functionality and performance of Omnisearch are recognized and trusted by clients who laud the tool's impact on improving their customer's search experience and the responsive and helpful nature of the Omnisearch team.

Notably, the tool has been praised for being easy to install and use, transforming search experiences, and for its specific functionality that allows search inside video content.


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Pros and Cons


Searches all content types
No metadata input required
Utilizes machine learning algorithms
Fast, relevant search results
Beneficial for internal, website searches
Supports multiple languages
Seamlessly integrates into sites
Keywords searched inside videos
Simple installation process
Improves user experience
Broad applications across industries
Enhances education sector
Optimized for customer experience
Adopted by various industries
Global reach platform
Documents, audio, video searchable
Index information capability
Site content made searchable
Improves media viewing experience
Recognized functionality and performance
Comprehensive content extraction
Fast information location
Responsive support team
Above-average installation ease
Transforms search experiences
Indexes and finds information
Outperforms industry rivals
Supports 27 languages
Five-minute full integration
Search inside video functionality
Has education sector applications
Enhances customer search experience
Recognized by clients
Useful for in-depth courses
Site-search options
Supports multiple data types
Convenient onboarding process
Helps learning in workflow
Recommended by clients
Quick platform response time
Over 360,000 documents indexed
Supports multimedia search
Accommodates all media types
Useful in improving productivity
Helps in trainings and courses
Easy to get started
Simple search audit process
Enhanced content discovery
Trusted by industry leaders


No offline functionality
Requires site integration
May not support all languages
Limited to site content
No stand-alone application
May not index real-time
Requires installation
Possibly slow with large data
No privacy details provided
Potential compatibility issues


What type of content is Omnisearch capable of making searchable?
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Does Omnisearch require any metadata input?
What technology does Omnisearch use for content extraction?
How does Omnisearch improve user search experience?
Can Omnisearch be used for internal and website searches?
What languages does Omnisearch support?
Can Omnisearch be integrated into any site?
In which industries is Omnisearch commonly used?
How does Omnisearch aid education through keyword searches in videos?
What is the process of installing Omnisearch?
What do clients say about Omnisearch's functionality and performance?
Can Omnisearch search inside video content?
How does Omnisearch improve customer search experience?
What type of algorithms does Omnisearch use?
How does Omnisearch affect site integration and user experience?
Is Omnisearch easy to use and install?
Are there any case studies available where Omnisearch was effectively used?
How does Omnisearch manage multilingual searches?
What kind of support is offered by the Omnisearch team?

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