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Searchable tabbed browsing browser.
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Opera One is a newly redesigned flagship browser that comes with an integrated, native browser AI called Aria, making it the first browser of its kind.

Aria can be accessed via a new command line or from the browser sidebar and offers free access to OpenAI's GPT-based solution along with up-to-date information from the web.

Opera collaborated with OpenAI to create Aria, and it is enhanced by additional capabilities such as adding live results from the web. Aria is knowledgeable about Opera's entire database of support documentation and uses the company's current product knowledge to answer users’ questions.

The AI in Opera One is a user-controlled experience, and users can choose to opt into AI services or not engage with them. Opera One features Tab Islands that keep related tabs together based on context in an intuitive way.

With Tab Islands, users gain flexibility in interacting with their tabs and can easily distinguish the topics they were focusing on and switch between them.

Opera One also boasts a new modular design and a new architecture with a multithreaded compositor that allows for smoother navigation than ever before.

The new design philosophy allows Opera to build a more powerful and feature-rich browser that is ready for a generative AI-based future. Overall, Opera One is a unique and innovative browser for those looking for a new and improved browsing experience with a focus on user-controlled AI and intuitive tab management.


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Pros and Cons


Free access to GPT-based solution
Enhanced search with live web results
Knowledgeable about Opera's support documentation
Features Tab Islands for tab management
Tabs grouped by context
New modular browser design
Multithreaded compositor for smooth navigation
Smoother UI with new browser architecture
Dynamic adaptation to users’ needs
Generates text or code
Automatic tab islands creation
Customizable tab arrangement
Intuitive tab switching


Requires Opera account
No mobile version mentioned
Learning curve with Tab Islands
Command line interaction needed
Limited to Certain Keyboard Shortcuts


What is Opera One?
What is the native AI Aria?
How to access Aria in Opera One?
What is the collaboration between Opera and OpenAI?
How does Aria work in Opera One?
Is the AI experience in Opera One user-controlled?
What are Tab Islands in Opera One?
What benefits do Tab Islands bring?
What is the new modular design?
What improvements does the new architecture of Opera One bring?
How to download Opera One?
Does Opera One support all platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux?
Do I need an account to use Aria in Opera One?
How can Opera One adapt to user needs?
What advantages does Opera One offer for my browsing experience?
Can I opt not to engage with AI in Opera One?
What is the command line feature in Opera One?
How can Aria help me while browsing the web?
Is Opera One free to use?
What are the future updates planned for Opera One?

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