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Team knowledge discovery & enterprise search solution
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Glean is an enterprise search and knowledge discovery tool designed for modern teams. It enables users to search across all company applications, helping them find the information they need and discover relevant knowledge.

The tool employs generative AI to power workplace search, utilizing deep learning-based LLMs for semantic understanding of natural language queries. Glean continuously trains on the language and context specific to each company, eliminating the need for manual fine-tuning and improving search relevance.The tool also features a chat assistant that delivers answers, analyses, and summaries from various documents, conversations, tickets, and more.

It offers full referenceability, allowing users to delve deeper into the sources of answers, backed by an advanced enterprise search capability. The generative AI chats and results provided by Glean are secure, private, and permissions-aware.Glean focuses on personalization, building a company's knowledge graph to understand people, content, and interactions, ensuring that every search result is tailored to the user.

It even suggests relevant information before users initiate searches, based on their ongoing work, mentions, and trending topics within their team. When knowledge artifacts are lacking, Glean identifies experts within the company who can provide assistance.Setting up Glean is quick and hassle-free, as it offers over 100 connectors that integrate with existing applications while respecting data source permissions.

The tool accommodates large enterprises with scalable capabilities and control, without requiring professional services. Glean also provides hosting options that align with a company's data and security policies.Overall, Glean aims to enhance workplace productivity and engagement, catering to leading global enterprises across industries.


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