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Platform for non-technical creation of intelligent apps.
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Hubble is a no-code AI platform that enables users to create AI-enabled applications without the need for technical expertise. It offers access to cutting-edge AI models, including GPT 4.

Users can choose from a set of pre-built components and templates to create custom UIs and workflows. Hubble provides the flexibility to connect to any data source, and data can be uploaded in .txt, .csv, and .pdf formats.

It also has the capability to handle deployments and hosting of all AI models and apps.The platform includes over 30 app templates with a focus on marketing, sales, business, professional, content, and education.

It also offers AI tools for SEO assistance, email marketing, PPC marketing, product marketing, branding, omnichannel campaign building, social media campaign planning, and ad campaign management.

Hubble provides businesses with the capability to accelerate user engagement and conversion by incorporating AI features such as chatbots, lead generation forms, and customer support.

The platform enables businesses to deliver better value to their customers and build brand trust. Hubble offers transparent pricing with a free plan for personal or non-commercial use and a pro plan for client projects or small businesses.

For customers with custom requirements or higher volumes, the partner plan allows for fine-tuned AI models, custom data integrations, custom pricing, and dedicated hosting.

Its customer satisfaction is evident through positive reviews from satisfied customers who have successfully used the platform to enhance their businesses.


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Pros and Cons


Offers access to GPT 4
Pre-built components and templates
Custom UI and workflows creation
Connect to any data source
Data upload in multiple formats (.txt, .csv, .pdf)
Handles deployment and hosting
Over 30 app templates
Industry-focused app templates (marketing, sales, business)
Build chatbots, lead generation forms, customer support
Transparent pricing with free plan
Custom data integrations in partner plan
Dedicated hosting in partner plan
Custom UI for user interaction
Chain multiple prompts and models
Push to deploy apps
Robust, scalable infrastructure
Option to remove Hubble branding
Omnichannel campaign building
Social media campaign planning
Ad campaign management


Limited data file types
No keyword extraction access
No customized workflow complexity
No multi-language support
Limited to pre-built templates
No third-party integrations
Limited app templates
Limited entries on free plan
No data analysis tools


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Does Hubble have any special features for marketing, sales and business?
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What is the process to signup for Hubble?
How does Hubble's AI tools assist with SEO?
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Can Hubble's AI tools contribute to better user engagement and conversion?

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