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Integrated natural language processing for developers.
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Chariot is an API tool designed for developers to easily incorporate natural language capabilities into their new and existing applications. With support for models like GPT 3.5 and GPT-4, Chariot streamlines the process of building language models and enables seamless integration into various applications.The tool offers key features such as model configuration, text and file embedding, streaming completions, and conversation management.

Developers can choose the most suitable language model and settings for their app and leverage Chariot's automated chunking, embedding, and storage functionalities for text, files, and URLs.

Additionally, Chariot facilitates data retrieval, custom prompts, and API calls to the language model, making it easier to orchestrate the streaming process.Chariot also allows for efficient conversation handling, allowing developers to store, retrieve, and moderate conversations across their applications.

The Chariot SDK enables seamless message streaming from the server, reducing complexity and ensuring a smooth user experience.Chariot offers different pricing plans, including a free option that provides limited daily messages and data usage.

The starter plan, which includes GPT-4, offers more messages and data, while the professional plan offers unlimited messaging, data, and round-the-clock support.Overall, Chariot empowers developers to save time and effort by providing a user-friendly interface for integrating powerful natural language capabilities into their applications without the complexities of scaling for production.


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Pros and Cons


Supports GPT-4
Language model configuration
Text, file embedding
Streaming completions
Conversation management
Automated chunking, embedding, storage
Data retrieval
API calls to LLM
Efficient conversation handling
SDK for message streaming
Free pricing plan
Different pricing options
Chariot SDK
Support for URLs embedding
Unlimited messaging, data
24/7 customer support
Custom prompts
Free daily messages
Suitable for new apps
Integration into existing apps
User-friendly interface
Ease of scaling
Effortless message streaming
Moderate conversations across apps
Supports LLM applications
Data management capabilities
Save time for developers


Limited daily messages
Limited data usage
Doesn't support all models
No unlimited free package
Extra complex features


What is Chariotai?
How does Chariotai integrate with apps?
What models does Chariotai support?
What key features does Chariotai offer?
How does Chariotai streamline the building of language models?
Can you choose the most suitable language model for your app with Chariotai?
What is Chariotai's automated chunking?
What is the process of embedding text and files in Chariotai?
How does Chariotai facilitate data retrieval?
What does conversation management in Chariotai entail?
How does Chariotai's SDK impact message streaming?
What does the free plan with Chariotai offer?
What is included in Chariotai's starter plan?
What benefits come with the professional plan of Chariotai?
How does Chariotai simplify the process of integrating language capabilities into applications?
Can Chariotai handle scaling for production?
What are the data storage options in Chariotai?
How do custom prompts and API calls work in Chariotai?
Can Chariotai help moderate conversations across various apps?
How can developers leverage URLs in Chariotai?

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