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Platform for creating & selling workflows.
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The Forge is an AI platform that facilitates building, sharing, and monetizing various AI-powered applications. Users can create their own projects by selecting their preferred AI models and templates or starting from scratch.

The platform enables versioning to easily go back to previous drafts and presentation of both web applications and APIs for integration into existing products.

Additionally, it supports one-click integrations (limited beta) with various applications like WordPress and React. The Forge marketplace allows users to sell or buy applications with predefined sales packages, which can be connected with their Stripe account.

However, custom payment handling is only available in the limited beta. Users can test out pre-built applications and share their creations with the community and friends through a simple link.

The platform's editor allows users to preview their progress and output as they develop their applications. The Forge is designed to appeal to a wide range of users, including individuals who want to build AI applications for personal use and developers who aim to develop AI-based applications for monetization or integration into existing products.

The platform's features are designed to enable even those without coding experience to design AI-powered applications within a few minutes. The community aspect of the Forge is also a benefit for users looking for inspiration and support as they develop their applications.


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Pros and Cons


Create & sell workflows
Versioning for drafts
Web applications & APIs
One-click integrations
Marketplace for selling apps
Stripe support for transactions
Community sharing & testing
Preview output during development
User-friendly, no coding needed
Templates for project initiation
Community for support & inspiration
Web applications can be private
Pre-built application to test
Can monetize personal applications
Supports WordPress, React integrations
API for existing product integration
Selling through predefined packages
User-friendly interface
Inspiration from provided templates
Custom payment handling (beta)
Pre-launch example apps
Applicable for a wide range of users
Joining waitlist for early access
Community development environment
Easy to share creation link


Limited beta integrations
Requires Stripe for monetization
Limited custom payment handling
No standalone apps
Potentially complex UI for beginners
Not open-source
Limited marketplace selection
Limited model/template selection
Community relies on discord
Limited versioning controls


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Is custom payment handling available on The Forge?
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