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Easily build and operate generative AI applications.
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Dify.AI is a next-generation platform designed to build and operate generative AI applications. It offers functionalities for creating AI workflows and custom agents based on Language Models (LLMs).

Dify.AI distinguishes itself as an open-source LLM app development platform, allowing the orchestration of applications ranging from agents to complex AI workflows powered by a RAG engine.

The platform offers a suite of tools and features to simplify the AI app creation process, including a visually governed Orchestration Studio, a reliable and secure data pipeline (RAG Pipeline), and a testing and refinement module for advanced prompts (Prompt IDE).

Additionally, Dify.AI is equipped with an 'Enterprise LLMOps' for model reasoning, log recording, data annotation, and model fine-tuning. It also provides backend APIs as a service to incorporate AI into any product and tools for creating custom AI workflows for more reliable and manageable results.

Other features include Scalable architectures for business growth, diverse application templates, and domain-specific AI assistants and chatbots. In addition, Dify.AI facilitates creative document generation without length limits and integrates external knowledge for deeper insights.


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Dify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports GPT family models
Easy-to-use graphical interface
Text-based tools for conversion
Easy-to-use API interface
Visual composition features
Continuous improvement features
Provides model access
Context embedding capabilities
Enables cost control
Data annotation tools
Supports dialogue and text applications
Open-source on GitHub
Compatible with Claude models and LangChain
Custom agent creation
RAG engine powered workflows
Reliable, secure data pipeline
Prompt IDE for refinement
LLMOps for model reasoning
Backend APIs as a service
Scalable architectures for growth
Diverse application templates
Creative document generation
Integration with external knowledge
Supports custom APIs for insights
Build Agents with Low-Code Tools
On-premise solution available
Enterprise Private Knowledge Base
Integrates with enterprise systems
Enterprise LLMOps Platform
Flexible switching of LLMs
Adaptable orchestration frameworks
BaaS Solution
Chatbots for Specific Industries
Advanced Open-Source Stack
LLM Agent tool
Single API for multiple integrations
Log recording features
Model fine-tuning features
Ensures data security
Enhances value delivery


Limited to text-based tools
No pricing information provided
API may confuse non-technical users
Predominantly open-source
Limited scalability
Not suitable for individual users
Size of the application templates


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