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Personalized language models created with LangchainJS.
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FlowiseAI is an open source UI visual tool that helps in building customized LLM (Language Learning Models) flow using LangchainJS. With its user-friendly interface, FlowiseAI allows users to create custom LLM models effortlessly using a composition of customizable components.

The tool offers an extensible component that enables custom component integrations into the LLM chain and allows users to build LLM apps quickly. The LLM chain consists of a prompt template and LLM model, with basic and advanced examples available on the platform.

Users can also access conversational retrieval QA chains for QnA retrieval and language translation using LLM Chain with a Chat Prompt Template and Chat Model.FlowiseAI is an open source tool that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes, and its core will always be free.

The tool can be easily installed by running "npm install -g flowise" and then "npx flowise start" to launch it. Additionally, FlowiseAI supports Docker, and users can spin up a Docker container by running "docker-compose up -d".

The FlowiseAI team can be reached via email or Discord, and the tool is continually being improved by the team, with updates available on their Github repository.

Overall, FlowiseAI is an excellent tool for anyone looking to build customized LLM apps quickly and efficiently using LangchainJS.


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May 20, 2023
This is great! TY!

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Pros and Cons


Open source
Customizable LLM flow
User-friendly interface
Extensible component
Allows prompt templates
Basic and advanced examples
Conversational retrieval QA chains
Language translation using LLM Chain
Installs via npm
Supports Docker
Commercial use allowed
Core always free
Continually updated by developers
Github repository updates
UI visual tool
Personal use allowed
Custom component integrations
Chat Prompt Template integration
Build LLMs Apps Quickly
Node Typescript/Javascript
Conversational agent functionality
User can Use buffers
MIT license
Email and Discord support
Allows building LLMs Apps


Requires knowledge of LangchainJS
No mobile version
Limited documentation
No forum community
Potential Docker issues
No version for non-developers
Requires knowledge of Node TypeScript/JavaScript
Updates reliant on GitHub activity
Relies on email/Discord support


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