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Text input, modular apps built fast.
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Razzle is an AI-powered tool that enables developers to build internal applications with a few lines of code. It uses natural language processing to allow users to describe what they are trying to do and then uses GPT-3 powered AI to execute the action in the code.

It eliminates the need for multiple internal apps by allowing users to chain actions together for a more powerful result. It also provides composable widgets that can be returned in response to triggered Razzle actions.

Finally, developers can get started with NodeJS, Java, or Python, and they can talk to Razzle directly via Discord. All of these features make Razzle an efficient, powerful tool for creating internal applications quickly and easily.

Razzle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Builds apps quickly
Supports natural language commands
Utilizes GPT-3 power
Enables action chaining
Provides composable widgets
Supports multiple programming languages
Direct interaction via Discord
Eliminates need for multiple apps
Optimized for internal app development
Streamlined coding process
Automates routine tasks
Supports subscribing to actions
Simplifies app maintenance
Interactive development environment
Saves development time
Accelerates prototyping
Flexible for developers' needs
Semantic understanding
Highly adaptable tool
Minimal coding required
Easy integration with NodeJS
Easy integration with Java
Easy integration with Python
Rapid application deployment
Versatile for various tasks


Limited language support
No CSS customization
Dependent on Discord
No drag and drop
Single functionality dependency
Requires GPT-3 understanding
No provided API
Limited UI return control
Lack of complete platform
No out-of-the-box solution


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Can I return composable widgets in response to Razzle actions?
What do I need to get started with Razzle?
How can I use natural language with Razzle?
How can Razzle help eliminate the need for multiple internal apps?
Can I chain actions together with Razzle?
Does Razzle come with a SDK?
Can Razzle be used for building internal applications?
How efficient is Razzle for creating internal tools?
What is the role of AI in Razzle?
How to use Razzle with Python, Java, and NodeJS?
How does Razzle use natural language processing?
Can I subscribe to actions to get updated information with Razzle?
Can I get early access to Razzle?
What is Razzle's action based architecture?

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