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Generate a full-stack Next.js app using our AI CLI.
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Full Stack AI is an AI-powered Command Line Interface (CLI) that facilitates the swift generation of full-stack Next.js applications. This tool is designed to streamline the development process by turning user prompts into fully functional web applications.

Upon providing a user prompt, the developed application comes pre-configured with sophisticated tech-stack including TypeScript, Tailwind, Prisma, Postgres, tRPC, and Stripe.

Besides, it also integrates authentication and Resend functionalities out-of-the-box. The CLI handled by Full Stack AI enables developers to embark on app development projects by running a minimal set of commands.

The outcome is a boilerplate code, resembling popular web applications, which developers can modify as needed. This significantly reduces the time from conception to deployment, making it a beneficial tool for rapid prototyping or getting started with Next.js.

Whilst Full Stack AI takes care of the backend set-up, the utilization aspects remain in the developer's control, including determining the deployment platform.

Lastly, this AI tool is open-source and developers can contribute to the project on GitHub. It does not specify any usage limitations in terms of the number of applications one can build nor does it restrict the complexities of the projects.


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Full Stack AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates Next.js applications
Handle user prompts
Pre-configured with sophisticated tech-stack
Includes TypeScript, Tailwind, Prisma
Postgres, tRPC, stripe integrated
Built-in authentication functionality
Resend functionalities out-of-the-box
Minimal CLI commands
Generates boilerplate code
Suitable for rapid prototyping
Backend set-up handled
No usage limitations
Supports complex projects
User-controlled utilization
Flexible deployment platform
Allows code modifications
Reduces development time
Streamlined development process
Community contributions on GitHub
Build any number of applications


CLI interface may deter non-techies
Restricted to Next.js applications
Limited technology stack choices
No customization for tech-stack
Deployment platform entirely user-dependent
Changes reliant on manual coding
Open-source - potential security risks
No stated support for issues
Not ideal for complex apps
Dependent on correct user prompts


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How can I contribute to the Full Stack AI project on GitHub?
Is there a limit to the number of applications I can build with Full Stack AI?
Does Full Stack AI restrict the complexities of the projects I can undertake?
Do I need to understand TypeScript, Tailwind, Prisma, Postgres, tRPC, and Stripe to use Full Stack AI?
How does Full Stack AI optimize the time from conception to deployment?
How does the boilerplate code generated by Full Stack AI resemble popular web applications?
What is the process to generate a full-stack Next.js app using Full Stack AI?
Can Full Stack AI help me if I'm just getting started with Next.js?
Does Full Stack AI also handle the backend set-up?
Is Full Stack AI an open-source tool?
How do I provide user prompts to Full Stack AI?
What does it mean that Full Stack AI can turn user prompts into fully functional web applications?
Can I customize the generated code by Full Stack AI?
Is there a user community for Full Stack AI where I can ask questions or get help?

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