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YouAI Builder - ArchiText is a specialized AI tool designed to assist users in crafting their own chatbots on the YouAI platform. It offers a dual mode functionality, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between dataset generation and instruction crafting using intuitive commands.

With ArchiText, users can elicit the right questions and create comprehensive datasets that form the foundation of their chatbot. Additionally, ArchiText provides structured guidance in penning precise and actionable instructions that determine the behavior of the chatbot.ArchiText offers an interactive conversational format, enabling users to explore various design options and iterate on their chatbot creation journey.

It caters to AI enthusiasts looking to venture into chatbot creation, businesses aiming to design brand-specific chatbots that resonate with their audience, educators interested in incorporating AI-powered tools into their curriculum, and anyone seeking to understand the mechanics behind AI design and instruction.Users can interact with ArchiText through normal chat, using specific commands such as /DATASET for assistance in designing datasets, /INSTRUCTION to focus solely on crafting chatbot instructions, and /DESCRIPTION to generate the title, tagline, tags, and description of their AI.

The tool empowers users to shape their AI vision into reality, whether they are starting from scratch or refining an existing model.Please note that the information provided is subjective to possible changes in functionality or availability.


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