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Create a GPT chatbot for any GitHub repo in 30 seconds.
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CodebaseChat is a tool developed by Context AI, allowing users to create a GPT chatbot for any GitHub repository swiftly and efficiently. This tool offers compatibility with all major programming languages.

This tool operates by cloning and crawling the user's GitHub repository to create an indexed file that can be uploaded to OpenAI's GPTs or Assistants.

This method circumvents the file limit issue faced by these retrieval features that can only handle a 20-file limit at a time. Suitable prompts are recommended to utilise the file fully.

An example from Context AI involves indicating to the GPT about the codebase contents. CodebaseChat is an open-source platform, inviting contributions in the form of code modifications or changes.

If the user does not have ChatGPT Plus, the repo file can be uploaded in the OpenAI Assistants Playground and used with the GPT API free tier, facilitating questions regarding their GitHub repository.

However, it doesnt currently support private GitHub repositories. Future feature requests can be submitted using the provided form.


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Pros and Cons


Creates GPT chatbot swiftly
Compatible with all languages
Circumvents 20-file limit issue
Generates indexed file
Open-source platform
Allows code modifications
Suitable prompts recommended
Allows questions on GitHub repos
Can operate without ChatGPT Plus
Supports GPT API free tier
Accepts feature requests


Doesn't support private repositories
Relies on user prompts
Limited to GitHub repositories
Partially reliant on ChatGPT Plus
Requires email for repo file
Clone and crawl can be slow
Dependent on retrieval features
Potential privacy concerns with cloning
User file upload required


What is CodebaseChat?
What is the purpose of CodebaseChat?
What programming languages does CodebaseChat support?
How does CodebaseChat operate?
How does CodebaseChat handle file limit issues?
What are suitable prompts to use with CodebaseChat?
Is CodebaseChat an open-source platform?
How can I modify the code or suggest changes for CodebaseChat?
Can I still use CodebaseChat if I don't have ChatGPT Plus?
What happens if my GitHub repository is private?
Where can I submit feature requests for CodebaseChat?
How long does it take to create a GPT chatbot with CodebaseChat?
How can I upload the repo file to OpenAI Assistants Playground?
What is the process of cloning and crawling a repo through CodebaseChat?
Are there any restrictions on the size of GitHub repositories I can use with CodebaseChat?
What is the index file created by CodebaseChat?
How to use the GPT API free tier with CodebaseChat?
Where can I find more information about the codebase contents of CodebaseChat?
How can I use CodebaseChat to facilitate questions regarding my GitHub repository?
Can I upload files larger than the 20-file limit to OpenAI's GPTs or Assistants using CodebaseChat?

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