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Chatbot templates for analysis, Jira support & more.
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The AI Chatbots tool provides a range of chatbot templates designed to enhance various business operations. These templates include:1. Smart Confluence Reader: This chatbot specializes in interpreting and analyzing documents from Confluence.

Its features include offering a swift document summary and providing a condensed gist for a thorough understanding. Users can also create custom queries and explore their documents more deeply.2.

JIRA Assistant Bot: This chatbot is designed to assist in handling Jira tickets. It can summarize tickets, explain issues, help with replies, check answers, and review entire conversations, making Jira work smoother and faster.3.

Internal Workplace ChatGPT Plus Inspired: Modeled after OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus, this conversational chatbot template is designed for internal business operations.

It offers an advanced conversational experience with information security and IT oversight. The bot operates on OpenAI's GPT4 LLM and prioritizes chat history for the best conversational chat user experience.

User authentication is required.4. Enterprise Task Genie: This bot template assists employees with tasks related to intranet platforms such as Confluence, SharePoint, and Jira.

It acts as a sidebar bot to assist users while interacting with webpage content. It also offers customizable shortcuts for frequent or complex tasks.5.

Restaurant Chat Widget: Designed for restaurant websites, this chatbot template enhances customer engagement by responding to user queries about the menu using a PDF input.

It utilizes the GPT3.5-turbo model and OpenAI embeddings to provide cost-efficient long menu access. The chatbot can be customized to match the website's aesthetics and menu changes can be easily implemented by uploading a new PDF.6.

Insurance Agent Assistant: This chatbot template assists users on insurance agent websites by providing general information about insurance policies, coverage, premiums, and more.

It uses the GPT-4 model for accurate responses, presents itself as a floating widget, and can be customized to match the website's aesthetics.7. Health and Wellness Coach Bot: Designed to provide health and wellness advice, this chatbot template answers questions about diet, exercise, mental health, and general wellness.

It utilizes the GPT-4 model for improved accuracy and understanding of complex health-related queries. It can also integrate with health tracking apps to provide personalized advice.8.

Software Design Bot: This chatbot template validates software technical designs, creates diagrams, user stories, and ACs. It utilizes the GPT-4 model for detailed analysis and has the ability to generate mermaid source code for the design process.


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Pros and Cons


Variety of business operation templates
Smart Confluence Reader feature
Customizable document queries
Jira assistant bot
Advanced conversational experiences
Internal Workplace Chatbot
Enterprise task assistance
Restaurant customer interaction
Menu query responses
Easy menu updates
Insurance agent assistant
Health and wellness coach bot
Float & sidebar widget options
Customizable aesthetics
Software design validation
Mermaid source code generation
GPT-4 model usage
Improved accuracy of responses
Integration with health apps
IT oversight and security
Document analysis and summary
Confluence, SharePoint, Jira support
PDF, DOCX, or plain text inputs


No integration with social platforms
Limited to certain business operations
Requires frequent model upgrade
Health advice may lack credibility
Template customizability is limited
No explicit multi-language support
User authentication required
Requires numerous tool specific interactions
No mobile based app version


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