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AI chatbot for multi-platform marketing and e-commerce.
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ChatPion is a comprehensive AI chatbot platform designed to support marketing, sales, automation, and eCommerce business processes. It offers an advanced bot creation tool that comes with a drag and drop flow builder, negating the need for coding proficiency.

The chatbot can interact with users seamlessly on Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM channels, providing a constant communication facility for businesses.

Notably, ChatPion equips an eye-catching eCommerce platform that operates within the Messenger Bot for selling products and processing payments. In addition to Messenger bot capability, ChatPion possesses robust features for conducting social media, email, and SMS marketing activities.

The platform is a multi-user white-label SaaS application, allowing businesses to rebrand and sell its service to their end users. It supports multiple payment options, including PayPal and Stripe.

Further noteworthy features include human-like conversations, social media marketing capacities, high customization, and a well-designed, steady interface.

The platform's other key features consist of comment automation tools, email/SMS broadcasting functionality, and enhanced eCommerce store options. Additionally, the platform enables publishing and scheduling posts across various social media platforms and supports a visual drag and drop chatbot editor to streamline and accelerate the bot building process.


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ChatPion was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Multi-platform marketing capabilities
eCommerce features
No-code bot builder
Feature-rich customization
Drag & drop builder
Facebook Messenger integration
Instagram DM integration
Payment processing functionality
Supports multiple payment options
White-label SaaS application
Supports email/SMS marketing
Allows post scheduling
Easily rebrandable for businesses
Can sell service to end users
User-friendly interface
Human-like conversations
Provides automation tools
High degree of customization
Chatbot editor included
Supports multimedia posts
Publishing tools for social media
Inbuilt eCommerce store
Enables eCommerce within messenger
Comment automation tools
Provides visual interaction mapping
Functional add-ons available
Support for PayPal and Stripe
Drag and drop chatbot editor
Social Media, Email, SMS marketing
Robust features
Multiple user support
Eye-catching eCommerce platform
Highly customizable codebase
Well-designed interface
Messenger bot 24/7 support
Text, image, video, GIF support
Auto comment and comment reply
Bulk email and SMS sending
Post scheduling for social media
Instagram post scheduling
Supports a variety of add-ons
Visual drag and drop editor
Multimedia posts across platforms
Robust social media marketing
Supports multiple payment gateways
Smooth campaign creation
Facebook, Instagram integration
Pre-designed bot templates
User-friendly interface
Supports WC Abandoned cart recovery
Enables effective social media marketing


Limited social platform integration
No coding proficiency required
Limited to PayPal and Stripe
No voice integration
limited personalization
No inbuilt translation
Adds-on needed for full functionality
No integration with popular CRMs
No multi-language support
No voice chat support


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