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Build, launch, and train AI-powered enterprise chatbots.
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Makerobos is an AI and NLP enabled enterprise chatbot builder platform. The platform offers users the ability to build, launch, and train intelligent bots.

Frontman AI, a feature offered by Makerobos, enhance chatbot's ability to detect user queries and offer correct responses each time. The tool also supports auto messages which can be timed and directed towards the appropriate audience, helping to increase conversion rates.

Moreover, it includes Frontman applications which simplify user service accessibility. The platform incorporates a rich messaging feature enabling modern messaging styles on websites.

It also has a knowledge base designed to reduce support volume and facilitate 24/7 self-service. Additionally, the frontman aids in booking appointments, generating email lists, getting webinar signups and more, making it an essential tool for business marketing funnels.Makerobos also integrates a Human + Machine hybrid chat solution, referred to as 'Wingman'.

It provides a live view feature to track customer activity on a website in real time. Besides these, with the platform's conversational ads, businesses can start context-aware conversations when a prospect clicks on an ad.

Its innovative features make Makerobos a tool for reinventing customer engagement, increasing productivity, and improving customer relationships.


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Pros and Cons


Enterprise chatbot builder
NLP enabled
Auto messages support
Conversion rate optimization
Frontman application simplifies service access
Rich messaging feature
24/7 knowledge base
Appointment facilitating
Email list generation
Hybrid Chat solution
Real time customer activity tracking
Context-aware conversational ads
Conversational landing feature
Chatbot self-training
Improves agent productivity
Designed to reduce support volume
Facilitates webinar signups
Integrated business intelligence and analytics
Zero coding requirement
Visual flow builder
Live view of customer activity


No meeting scheduling automation
No voice-based chatbot feature
Limited messaging styles
Conversational ads limited to clicks
Cannot customize Hybrid Chat
No mobile app platform
No proactive customer interaction
Single language support


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