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Turn mentions into leads with auto-replies.
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ReplyGuy is an artificial-intelligence tool designed to optimize lead generation from social media by using auto replies. The tool aims to automate and simplify the process of tracking mentions on various social platforms and responding to them, acting as a solution to the time-consuming task of manually monitoring related keywords, analyzing mentions, and formulating personalized responses.

ReplyGuy works by allowing users to create a project and add keywords suitable for their products, a step it aids with by suggesting relevant keywords through use of AI. It then turns mentions of these specified keywords into potential leads, effectively putting the task of turning mentions into leads on autopilot.

The tool appears to be aimed at businesses seeking more efficient ways of exploiting social media mentions for lead generation, with emphasis on its capacity to provide significant time-savings on these specific operations. It should be noted that ReplyGuy is expected to be used in conjunction with active user input in the form of keyword and project creation, which implies that effective use of the tool still depends on the user's understanding of their product and target demographics.

This tool does not evaluate or provide a means to evaluate the quality of the achieved leads.

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May 30, 2024
Still has major bugs: Replies just not being sent, saying it replied when it has not etc. I would 3000% pay the $499 for the agency subscription fee in less than the blink of an eye, no one man should have all that power lol, but I need it to work. this is one of those apps that NEEDS to work.
Jan 2, 2024
wow, just tried it and it's impressive. nice work
Dec 29, 2023
The best and only tool for auto replies in comments on social networks.

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Pros and Cons


Automates social media monitoring
Auto-replies to mentions
Optimizes lead generation
Potential leads from social mentions
Auto-suggests relevant keywords
User project creation
Increases marketing efficiency
Facilitates digital marketing
Focuses on target audience
Social media automation
Quantifiable time-saving
Trusted by 150+ businesses
Seamless login with Google
Seamless login with Email
30-60 hours monthly project savings


Doesn't evaluate lead quality
Dependent on user input
Doesn't learn from responses
No performance analytics
No message customization
No multi-platform integration
Limited keyword suggestions
No scalability features
Requires constant keyword updates


What is ReplyGuy?
How does ReplyGuy work?
What is the purpose of ReplyGuy?
What platforms does ReplyGuy operate on?
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How can ReplyGuy turn mentions into leads?
Does ReplyGuy require active user input?
How can ReplyGuy help improve marketing efficiency?
Can ReplyGuy evaluate the quality of the leads it generates?
Who is the target audience for ReplyGuy?
Does ReplyGuy analyze mentions on social media?
What time-saving operations does ReplyGuy provide?
Can ReplyGuy respond to mentions on social media automatically?
What is the procedure to create a project on ReplyGuy?
Can I add keywords to my ReplyGuy project?
Who is recommended to use ReplyGuy?
Does ReplyGuy have an autopilot feature for turning mentions into leads?
What kinds of businesses benefit most from using ReplyGuy?
What level of understanding do I need to use ReplyGuy effectively?
Will ReplyGuy help me save time on my digital marketing tasks?

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