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ByKenneth Bastian
An AI chat builder for personalized GPT commands.
GPT welcome message: What would you like me to be or do? I will become the GPT you desire me to be.
Sample prompts:
Create a GPT that writes fantasy novels.
Design a GPT to analyze financial trends.
Build a GPT to tutor high school chemistry.
Develop a GPT for guided meditation sessions.
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The Custom GPT is a versatile AI chat builder designed to morph into any type of Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) in line with user-specified instructions.

Tasked with delivering on a set command, the tool can adapt into a variety of forms depending on what the user asks it to perform. Examples proposed include a GPT that writes fantasy novels, a GPT designed to analyze financial trends, a GPT built to tutor high school chemistry, and a GPT developed for guided meditation sessions.

Therefore, the flexibility of the Custom GPT makes it multifunctional and applicable across diverse domains. The model creates a responsive environment where users can actively shape the AIs character and operations to match their particular needs.

To commence interaction with the GPT, users are welcomed with a prompt asking what they would like the AI to do or become. The ensuing dialogue then molds the form and functionality of the AI chat.

Note that using Custom GPT requires the user to have ChatGPT Plus.


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