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Build an AI chatbot from your knowledge base.
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Chatsumo is an AI tool designed for building customized chatbots from existing knowledge bases. These chatbots can be integrated into client websites to engage audiences, capture leads, and deliver superior customer interactions 24/7.

The tool offers advanced features such as Answer Revision and Confidence Scoring to ensure accuracy in responses and superior user interactions. Chatsumo provides the ability to synchronize chatbot functions across various platforms and connect with diverse data sources, which enhances its training and performance for an optimized user experience.

The customization feature allows users to tailor the chatbot's appearance and user interaction to align with their brand identity. The tool comes with integrations to popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, HubSpot, and Zapier.

It supports importing data from multiple sources for training the chatbot. It also allows for whitelabeling, enabling users to remove Chatsumo branding, use a custom domain, and customize the chatbots look to match their brand style.

Security measures are in place with data hosted securely on the AWS server with proper encryption and access control. The tool supports more than 70 languages, thus enabling users to reach customers in various languages.

Users have the option to choose from a variety of AI models for their chatbot.


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Pros and Cons


Customized chatbots
Answer Revision feature
Confidence Scoring feature
Platform integration
Chatbot Synchronization
Data Source Connection
Customizable appearance
Whitelabeling support
Secure AWS hosting
70+ languages support
WhatsApp integration
Facebook Messenger integration
HubSpot integration
Zapier integration
Engage audiences 24/7
Lead capture feature
Multisource data import
Brand aligning chatbots
Agency-focused solutions
Multiple workspace support
Client-focused management
Encryption and access control
Unlimited message credits
Custom domain use
GPT-4 support
Customize chatbot's look
Removal of Chatsumo branding
Superior customer interactions
Tailored customer engagements
Superior user interactions
Trusted by 15+ agencies
Seamless brand identity alignment
Maximized precision
Platform harmony across devices
Diverse range of data sources
Effortless customization
Chatbot solutions
Versatile user experience
Workspace support
Teams support
WhatsApp integration
View conversation history
Lead feature
Removal of 'Powered by'
Unlimited chatbot embed
Upload multiple files
Client can manage sources


Restricted to AWS server
Limited chatbot characters
Dependency on third-party integrations
Limited design customization
No multi-lingual knowledge base
No standalone functionality
No open-source options
Limited free plan features
Data sources dependent


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How do I start using Chatsumo?
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What kind of customer support does Chatsumo provide?

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