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Build, customize, and deploy your AI agent effortlessly.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI agent builder designed to allow individuals to build, customize, and deploy AI chatbots with relative ease and no coding required.

The platform is centered around letting users create custom conversational AI chatbots, also referred to as AI agents, using their own data. These AI agents are designed to engage in natural, language-transcending conversations, providing a multilingual interaction experience.

The system automatically detects and responds in the user's language while also categorizing user queries for quick and accurate responses. The AI chatbot from stands out in its ability to be integrated easily with Zapier, allowing for quick connections with other apps.

The AI agent can also be customized on top of an existing module, facilitating the creation of tailor-made brand-specific conversation experiences. Users can also train their own AI agent in a specific voice, enabling a more personable interaction experience.

Use cases noted for's AI chatbots include HR internal bots and intelligent lead generation among others, demonstrating the platform's capability to streamline processes across diverse sectors.


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Feb 26, 2024
incredibly seamless and highly accurate platform - the auto intent detection is unique and hard to find on a platform prebuilt - without having to sort through and build separate conversation flows per intent. support is very responsive and helpful.
Feb 26, 2024
Insighto has been brilliant. Easy to set up, easy to deploy. Neeraj and his team have been there every step of the way. 5 stars.
Feb 9, 2024
Was able to set it up with my small ecommerce portal for helping my customers find suitable designer products. Made it much more efficient to help find my products as per their need. Also, the support provided by them is exceptional!

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Pros and Cons


Build, customize, deploy bots
No coding required
Multilingual interaction
Language detection
Quick query categorization
Accurate responses
Easy Zapier integration
Customizable existing module
Brand-specific conversation experiences
Voice training
HR internal bots
Intelligent lead generation
Data importing for training
Customizable brand voice
Quick embedding on websites
Integration with current tools
High data privacy
Security measures
Different pricing plans
PDF data reading
ChatGPT chatbots creation
No-code platform
Customizable appearance
Personality aligns with brand
Table reading in PDFs


Limited to text-based inputs
Dependent on external data
No integration with Messenger
Limited customization options
Requires frequent data updates
Multilingual but not polyglot
No On-Premises Option
Limited Query Count
Dependent on Zapier


What is Insighto?
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Does's AI agent respond automatically in the user's language?
Can's AI chatbot be integrated with Zapier?
Can I customize the AI agent with existing modules?
How do I train the AI agent with a specific voice on
In what sectors can's AI chatbots be utilized?
What are the key features of AI agent builder?
What are the primary use cases of's AI chatbots?
How does the user query categorization by's AI chatbot operate?
What are the benefits of the multilingual AI feature in
What is the process to build, customize, and deploy AI agents on
How does the integration of and Zapier work?
Can I train's AI agent to mimic my brand's voice?
Can I use my own data to build AI agents on
How does the AI agent facilitate intelligent lead generation?
How does's AI agent streamline HR internal processes?

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