Document Q&A 2023-01-15
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Analyzed documents, chatted with customized chatbots.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that allows users to explore documents using artificial intelligence. It works by turning documents into "word embeddings", which allow users to search by semantic meaning instead of exact language.

Documents can be uploaded in PDF format and users can ask questions to their personalized chatbot. The tool is free to try, and users can purchase a Basic or Premium subscription for additional features.

The Basic subscription includes 100 questions per month and 10 uploads, while the Premium subscription includes unlimited questions and uploads. Features on the horizon include multi-file chat, shared documents, and word highlighting.

All documents are stored in encrypted cloud storage with strict security measures in place. Credit accrued from the service never expire and can be used at any time.


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Jun 21, 2023
poor support!!!, i have subscribed to their plan and has trouble using verifying my email, and no one on the support is responding its been week.

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Pros and Cons


Semantic search functionality
Supports multi-file search
PDF upload capability
Dedicated chatbots
Free trial available
Subscription includes future features
Accrued credits never expire
Encrypted cloud storage
Strict security infrastructure
Support for diverse document types
Direct citations from documents
Search multiple files simultaneously
Supports unlimited questions
Supports unlimited uploads
Roll over credit system
Supports word highlighting
Supports shared documents
No credit card required for trial
Increased answer length in premium
Safe from hackers


Only supports PDF format
Lacks multi-file chat functionality
No word highlighting feature
Limited uploads and questions
Non-rollover of question credits
No shared document feature
Doesn't support all language structures
Limited feature availability for free trial
Increased answer length for premium only
Constrained search mode


What is
How does Filechat work?
What types of documents can I upload to Filechat?
Which subscription plans does Filechat offer?
How many questions and uploads can I get with the Basic subscription?
What extra features are included in the Premium subscription?
Does Filechat have a trial period?
Is my credit card information required for the trial period?
How does Filechat store my documents?
What security measures does Filechat have?
Can I ask questions to Filechat about multiple documents simultaneously?
If I don't use all of my questions in a month, do they roll over to the next?
Do credits from Filechat expire?
Can I use my credits whenever I want, even if my subscription isn't active?
Is there a way to delete my documents in Filechat?
What new features is Filechat planning to release?
Will the new features be included in my subscription?
What does the service mean by 'word embeddings'?
Is Filechat compatible with all types of documents or just PDFs?
What is the price of the Premium subscription of Filechat per month?

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