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An interactive mentor for aspiring consultants.
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Consulting Handbook is a GPT built on ChatGPT. Its primary objective is to function as an interactive mentor designed specifically for individuals who aspire to enter or advance in the consulting field.

The tool operates by offering insightful career advice and practical guidance. Users may employ a range of query starters to begin conversations with the tool such as seeking advice on necessary skills for a consulting career, methods to prepare for consulting interviews, or getting an understanding of a consultant's daily work life.

Consulting Handbook also provides insights on how to develop effective networking skills, the variety of projects that consultants undertake and the potential impact of a consulting career on personal life.

Comprehending the nuances of these diverse aspects can be essential for someone aspiring to become a successful consultant. To ensure an engaging user experience, the tool introduces itself with a touch of humor, creating an attractive and friendly environment.

Potential users are required to sign up, therefore, valid credentials are necessary to interact with Consulting Handbook.


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Consulting Handbook was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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