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Custom chatbots for support, marketing & education.
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatWizard is an AI tool that helps users build customized chatbots that can be embedded on their website. ChatWizard uses GPT, a machine learning model, to create a chatbot that is highly relevant to the website's content by training it on the user's own data.

The chatbot builder's user-friendly interface makes it easy for website owners to embed the chatbot on their website without any coding experience. ChatWizard enables website owners to enhance their users' experience, increase engagement and streamline customer support, ultimately helping them grow their business.

ChatWizard offers three pricing plans, Starter Bot, Growth Bot, and Business Bot, that charge based on the power of each bot. Customers can purchase as many bots as they need.

These pricing plans differ in terms of the number of characters that can be trained and message credits per month.ChatWizard can be useful for business owners in various fields, such as customer support, sales and marketing, education and training.

It can be used to provide personalized customer support, generate leads, nurture prospects, close sales and provide educational content, among other use cases.

Overall, ChatWizard is a practical tool that can help website owners create efficient and customized chatbots that cater to their business needs.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
User-friendly interface
No coding experience required
Enhances user experience
Increases engagement
Streamlines customer support
Multiple pricing plans
Pricing based on bot power
Scalable number of bots
High relevance to website
Trains on specific data
Varies character training amounts
Different Message credits/month
24/7 customer support
Minimizes workload on teams
Generates leads
Nurtures prospects
Closes sales
Provides educational content
Provides feedback on assignments
Improves learning outcomes
Supports various business fields
Suitable for sales/marketing
Suitable for education/training


Charges based on bot power
Limited message credits per month
Charges for additional bots
Training only User's data
No advanced customization options
No explicit multi-language support
Limited characters for training
No free or trial plan
Cannot handle complex queries
No API for integration


What is ChatWizard?
How does ChatWizard work?
What is GPT and how does ChatWizard use it?
Who can use ChatWizard?
What are the features of ChatWizard?
How to embed ChatWizard chatbot on my website?
What are the pricing plans for ChatWizard?
What is the difference between Starter Bot, Growth Bot, and Business Bot packages?
Can I buy more than one bot with ChatWizard?
What are the benefits of using ChatWizard for my website?
How can ChatWizard be used in customer support?
How can ChatWizard be used in sales and marketing?
How can ChatWizard be used in education and training?
What can the ChatWizard bots do?
What materials do I need to train my ChatWizard bot?
How many characters can I train my ChatWizard bot with?
What are message credits in ChatWizard pricing plans?
How can ChatWizard help increase user engagement on my website?
How does ChatWizard help in streamlining customer support?
How personalized can the chatbots from ChatWizard be?

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