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Personal chatbot for staff and client communication.
Generated by ChatGPT is a personal AI tool designed for businesses that allows staff and customers to interact with websites, intranets, knowledge bases, process documents, spreadsheets, and procedures in a chat-based interface.

The tool offers users the ability to unlock the power of artificial intelligence and privately or publicly control access to their custom AI through domain access restrictions. provides a range of different price points and plans for businesses, clubs, and teams of all sizes, with personal, start-up, and business plans available.

The tool offers the ability to train customized AIs on internal knowledge base, process documents, and files, and to include secure private AIs with access to confidential internal data.

Additionally, allows users to create public AIs using customer-facing data, such as website content. Customization features include a selection of an AI's personality, purpose, name, color, and welcome message that aligns with the user's brand.

The tool employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to keep user data privacy a top priority. Users can interact with their custom AI through a chat widget on their website or by embedding an iframe on a webpage. is built on enterprise-level technology and is scalable for businesses of any size. Upcoming features include multi-user interactions with memory and multi-user accounts for teams and integrating personal business AI with messaging systems such as Slack and Teams.


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Pros and Cons


Scalable tool
State-of-the-art encryption measures
Supports multiple document formats
Domain access restricted
Embeddable chat widget
iFrame embedding option
Multiple pricing plans
Upcoming multi-user interactions
Integration with Slack, Teams
Multi-user accounts planned
Training on internal documentation
Channel-based customer interactions
Supports multiple websites
Suitable for businesses of all sizes
Allows content restriction
Secure data privacy
Customizable welcome messages
Enterprise-level technology
Confidential internal data handling
Website content training
Project-based usage option


No free version available
Limited document upload capacity
Limited website connectivity
Memory restricted to short-term
Multi-user interaction not supported
Website-based interaction only
Price may be high
Delayed updates after retraining

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