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Twin chatbots for human-like conversations.
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Pheon is an AI-powered app that allows users to chat with digital twins of real people. These digital twins are created using a robust AI-solution and can be customized to resemble their human “prototype” with the same look, voice and personality.

By chatting with a digital twin, users can get to know someone’s true nature, gain insight into their life story, receive support and even find a new friend.

The digital twins are available 24/7, so users can stay online as long as they want. The app also features in-app purchases, such as Puppy, Cookie and Teddy Bear.

It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac with Apple M1 chip or later, and is rated 12+ for infrequent/mild profanity or crude humor, horror/fear themes and alcohol, tobacco or drug use or references.


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May 28, 2023
Phone girl hahahah

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Pros and Cons


Human-like digital twins
24/7 availability
Unique in-app purchases
Compatible with Apple devices
Realistic avatars
Real-time conversation ability
Life story insights
Support and friendship features
Realistic video message responses
Fun fact learning
Ideal for iOS 15.0+
Works on Mac with M1 chip
Available in English
Offers user data privacy
Improved with bug fixes
Free with in-app purchases


Only available on Apple devices
Requires iOS 15.0 or later
Limited language support (English)
Adult content issues
Issues with app privacy
Significant In-App Purchases
Limited to specific Mac models
Continued use implies data collection
Requires user details for use
Content flagged for horror/fear themes


What is Pheon?
How does Pheon use AI?
Can I customize the digital twins in Pheon to look like real people?
What kind of conversations can I have with Pheon's digital twins?
Can Pheon's digital twins chat with me 24/7?
Are there in-app purchases available in Pheon?
On which devices can I use Pheon?
What are the age restrictions for using Pheon?
How do the digital twins in Pheon resemble their human prototypes?
Can Pheon's digital twins provide support or friendship?
Where can I download Pheon?
Does Pheon work on Mac with an Apple M1 chip?
What is the price of the Puppy in-app purchase in Pheon?
What is the overall user rating of Pheon?
Are Pheon's digital twins capable of using voice?
Can the Pheon application handle crude humor or horror themes?
What happens when I chat with a digital twin in Pheon?
What data does Pheon collect and link to my identity?
What languages does Pheon support?
What are Pheon's privacy practices?

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