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Create chatbots and apps without coding skills.
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LLMStack is a no-code platform that enables users to build generative AI apps, chatbots, and agents using their own data. With LLMStack, users can easily create powerful applications without the need for coding skills.

The platform supports major model providers such as OpenAI, Cohere, Stability AI, and Hugging Face, allowing seamless integration of these models into the apps.One of the strengths of LLMStack is its ability to import various data sources, including web URLs, sitemaps, PDFs, audio files, PPTs, Google Drive, and Notion imports.

By connecting their own data to LLM models, users can supercharge their generative AI applications and chatbots with personalized content.LLMStack's collaborative features enable users to share their apps publicly or restrict access to specific individuals.

The platform offers granular permission settings, allowing for different roles like viewers or collaborators. This fosters teamwork and facilitates multiple users modifying and building apps together.The platform is powered by React, ensuring a responsive user interface for an optimal user experience.To further assist users, LLMStack provides comprehensive documentation covering topics such as the user interface, processors, apps, and data sources.

Additionally, there is an active community presence on Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where users can seek support or engage with other LLMStack enthusiasts.Overall, LLMStack empowers users to create AI-powered apps and chatbots quickly and easily, leveraging their own data sources and a range of major model providers.


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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Import diverse data sources
Collaboration features
Granular permission settings
Responsive interface with React
Comprehensive documentation
Active community
Supports public or restricted access
Fosters teamwork
Optimal user experience
Quick and easy creation
Web URLs data import
PDFs data import
Audio files data import
PPTs data import
Google Drive data import
Notion data import
Connect data to LLM models
Share publicly or restrict access


Dependency on external providers
Not open source
No mentioned API access
Requires own data set
Potential data privacy concerns
Limited to specific data formats
Collaboration features might be complex
No native language support mentioned
Unspecified platform compatibility


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What is LLMStack powered by?
What is the user interface like on LLMStack?
What kind of support does LLMStack provide?
Are there any LLMStack resources I can consult for further assistance?
What is the community presence of LLMStack like?
Is LLMStack free?
How can I restrict access to my LLMStack apps?
How can I share my LLMStack apps?
What kind of apps can I build with LLMStack?
Can I use LLMStack to build chatbots?
Which AI models can I import into LLMStack?
Does LLMStack have a user guide or comprehensive documentation?

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