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Sample prompts:
Help me remove a SELECT() formula from my system
Debug my AppSheet formula
Walk me through implementing the Current User System
How can I update a child record when a parent
Help me understand [_thisrow-1]
Give me some sample data
Help me with column names for my table
Explain how Auto-Tables can help me
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Appster is a GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) tool acting as your dedicated companion for managing and troubleshooting AppSheet related tasks. It is specially designed to offer assistance and guidance with AppSheet, a no-code platform that allows users to create and deploy business applications.

This tool is beneficial for users, ranging from individuals to serious developers, willing to create apps from the AppSheet platform but may require assistance.

It can provide explanations, debug AppSheet formulae, and guide user's steps to implement systems within AppSheet. Tasks can include removing a SELECT() formula from the system, understanding constructs like [_thisrow-1], and managing column names for tables.

In addition, Appster helps you update child records when parent records are modified. It is equipped to guide through more complex processes such as implementing the Current User System, a concept in AppSheet that is specific to each user's login.

Appster can offer insights on features of AppSheet like Auto-Tables, showing you how to leverage them in enhancing your applications. Furthermore, it can provide you with sample data for use within the applications you build.

Note that this tool necessitates ChatGPT Plus subscription for usage. Appster is not only a helping tool but acts as a learning resource for better mastering the AppSheet platform.


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