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Dream analysis, pattern tracking, insight app.
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Dream Snap is a dream interpretation app available on Google Play. It allows users to log their dreams, decipher their meanings, track patterns, and explore personalized dream statistics.

The app uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze dreams and provide detailed insights into their meaning, making it helpful for understanding recurring dreams or interpreting symbolism in the latest dream.

Users can easily record their dreams upon waking up using a simple and intuitive interface. They can capture all the details, including people, places, and emotions involved.

In addition to analyzing individual dreams, Dream Snap tracks patterns over time and provides personalized dream statistics, offering a broader view of subconscious trends and changes.

The app is powered by sophisticated AI technology and features a user-friendly interface. It aims to be the ultimate tool for anyone eager to delve deeper into understanding their dreams.

Dream Snap emphasizes data safety and offers options for users to request data deletion. It also provides updates to enhance UI and UX while fixing bugs.

Dream Snap is developed by Astra Surge and contains ads, and in-app purchases are available.

Dream Snap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Pattern tracking capability
Detailed dream analysis
Personalized dream statistics
Records emotions, people, places
User-friendly interface
Data safety emphasized
Data deletion option
Regular updates for UI/UX
Consistent bug fixes
In-app purchases available
Available on Google Play
Helps understand recurring dreams
Interprets dream symbolism
Advanced dream analysis algorithms
Developed by Astra Surge
Tracks subconscious trends
Logs all dream details
UI and UX enhancement
Simple and intuitive interface
Tracks changes in dreams


Contains ads
In-app purchases
Limited to Android
Depends on user recall
Privacy concerns
Possible data collection
No Apple version
Potential for false interpretations
No multi-language support
Xiantao-based support


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How easy is it to record dreams in Dream Snap?
How detailed are the dream analyses provided by Dream Snap?
What are personal dream statistics in Dream Snap?
How does Dream Snap ensure data safety?
Can I request data deletion in Dream Snap?
What updates are generally provided for Dream Snap?
How often does Dream Snap get updated?
What are the in-app purchases available in Dream Snap?
Will the Dream Snap app show ads?
Does Dream Snap have a user-friendly interface?
How does Dream Snap help me understand my subconscious trends and changes?
Which company developed Dream Snap?
Is Dream Snap available on Google Play?


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