Music creation 2024-02-10
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AI Band is a groundbreaking application designed to elevate the music creation process. It introduces a unique concept of virtual music groups, allowing users to craft AI-based music collaboratively. Users can form their own virtual bands within the application, fostering interaction among band members.

The key features of AI Band include the ability to customize every aspect of music production, providing users with extensive tools and effects to shape their tracks according to their preferences and style. Leveraging AI technology, the application ensures the production of flawless music compositions.

Moreover, AI Band offers a platform for users to explore and discover music created by others. Users can listen to a diverse range of tracks, enabling them to identify and appreciate their favorite pieces while accessing a wide collection of music.

In essence, AI Band redefines the music creation experience by merging innovative AI technology with user collaboration. It empowers users to unleash their creativity, facilitating the formation of virtual music groups and the production of high-quality music compositions tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

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AI BAND was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Mobile tool
Available on App Store
Compatible with iOS devices
Unique digital experience
User reviews on App Store
Availability of customer ratings
Regular updates
Potential new features
Music creation tool
User feedback consideration
Allows creating virtual music groups
Allows track customization
Comprehensive tools and effects
Enables discovering music by others
Offers extensive music collection
Bug fixes & improvements
Holds competitions
Offers In-App purchases
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Developer provides apps privacy practices
Data handling details provided


Only for Apple devices
No specific features detailed
In-App Purchases required
Only in English, Turkish
Requires iOS 13.0
Tracks Usage Data
Collects Contact Info
Developer has other apps
Only for 17+ age


What is the main function of AI BAND?
Is AI BAND compatible with all Apple devices?
Can I use AI BAND on my iPad?
Where can I download AI BAND?
Are there any reviews I can read about AI BAND before downloading?
What is the process to download and install AI BAND?
How often does AI BAND receive updates?
Are new features of AI BAND based on user feedback and technological advancements?
Does AI BAND have a feature for creating AI-based music?
What user customization is available in AI BAND?
Can I discover and listen to music created by others on AI BAND?
Does AI BAND have an accessible music collection?
What is the latest version of AI BAND and what does its update include?
Who is the developer of AI BAND?
Does AI BAND have in-app purchases?
Is there any privacy concern related to AI BAND?
Is there any customer support available for AI BAND?
How large is the AI BAND application?
Is AI BAND available in languages other than English?
Does AI BAND support the production of flawless music with the help of AI technology?


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