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Instantly generate high-quality audio sounds.
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Audiogen is an AI-powered tool that facilitates audio creation by generating a wide range of high-quality sounds instantly. It offers the ability to effortlessly create samples, instruments, sound effects, and textures from scratch.

With Audiogen, users can access an infinite variety of sounds, providing a touch of novelty to their projects. All the generated sounds are royalty-free, eliminating concerns about licenses.

The tool allows users to generate sounds of variable lengths, from as short as half a second to a maximum of 10 seconds, catering to specific project requirements.Audiogen's real-time generation feature minimizes delays by offering less powerful model options.

They provide a suite of adapters that enable users to have ultimate control over the generative AI model. The BPM adapter allows users to specify the exact beats per minute, ensuring synchronization with their music tracks.

The harmony adapter enables creative direction by specifying chords or keys, resulting in perfectly diatonic generated sounds. Through the Foley adapter, users can provide visual prompts to the AI, eliminating the need for expensive microphones in video production.

With the events adapter, users can sculpt soundscapes by specifying the precise sequence of sounds for crafting sound effects.Additionally, Audiogen offers a desktop application that seamlessly integrates with content creation suites, enhancing workflow efficiency through simple drag and drop functionality.

Users can stay updated with Audiogen's upcoming releases by signing up for exclusive updates.


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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality audio
Effortlessly creates samples
Instruments, sound effects, textures
Infinite variety of sounds
All sounds are royalty-free
Sound length customization
Real-time generation feature
BPM adapter
Harmonic adapter
Allows visual prompts
Creates specific sound sequences
Easily integrated desktop app
Compatibility with other software
Real-time update option
Drag-drop functionality
Stay-in sync with BPM
Chord-specific sound generation
Efficient audio workflow
Studio-ready high fidelity sounds
Variable sound lengths
Precise sound sequence crafting
Continuous sound generation
Desktop app for quick access
Endless app for diverse professions
Seamless with content creation suites
Diatonic sound generation
Automation of audio workflows


Limited to 10-second audio
Lacks powerful model options
Requires adapters for control
No indication of voiceover support
No MIDI support mentioned
Susceptible to generation delays
Desktop app only
Doesn't integrate with all DAWs
Unclear pricing
Only updates via sign-up


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Can I control the length of the sounds generated by Audiogen?
How does Audiogen's real-time generation feature work?
What does Audiogen's BPM adapter do?
How does the harmony adapter in Audiogen improve my audio creation?
What is the role of the Foley adapter in Audiogen?
Can the events adapter help me create a sequence of sounds in Audiogen?
How does Audiogen integrate with my existing content creation tools?
Can Audiogen be used for video production?
Does Audiogen offer ongoing updates on their features or releases?
What sounds categories can I generate using Audiogen?
Is the Audiogen desktop app user-friendly?
Can Audiogen generate sound effects and textures?
Do I need any special equipment to use Audiogen?
Is Audiogen also suitable for use by music producers or Foley artists?
Where can I find more information or get help about Audiogen?


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