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Audio for music, video, and games
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that utilizes generative AI for audio. It allows users to create new sounds and music by inputting short text descriptions. The tool is accessible through their Discord community or the web, where collaboration is encouraged. covers various audio needs such as samples, instruments, sound effects, and textures for music, video, or games.Users have expressed positive feedback, describing the tool as super cool, impressive, and invaluable for unleashing creativity.

The generated audio is of high fidelity, giving it a professional studio-like quality. The tool offers unlimited variation, enabling users to generate sound until they achieve the desired is clear to use, having been trained on Meta licensed music with vocals removed.

It offers both a web user interface (UI) and an API for easy integration into existing workflows. The API endpoint is powered by HTTPS://PROC.GG.Users have control over the output by adjusting parameters such as clip length and tempo, and they can enhance the generated audio by providing their own samples. is developed by Mark and supported by APEROC PTE. LTD. The tool has a roadmap for future updates and improvements.For more information, users can access additional pages on the website, including an about page, a privacy policy, and terms of use.

Overall, is a powerful tool for generating audio, offering a range of features and customization options for professionals and creative enthusiasts alike.


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