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Empowering businesses and developers with AI models.
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Music AI's Audio Intelligence Platform is an all-in-one resource delivering advanced AI models catered to benefit enterprises and developers. The platform provides robust, state-of-the-art music APIs and AI audio solutions that aid in accelerating the development of audio products and services.

The platform's capabilities include stem separation, time stretching, BPM detection, overdrive, reverse, string stem, speed, drums stem, limiter, subtitle alignment, vocal synthesis, lyrics transcription, video mixer, backing vocals stem, beat detection, and audio encoder.The Audio Intelligence platform ensures the creation and integration of audio solutions through a user-friendly interface, with seamless drag-and-drop functionality, making it a favourable tool for promoting creativity.

API integration, native client support, and comprehensive Software Development Kits (SDKs) induce limitless possibilities for developers.The platform places a strong emphasis on privacy and data security, providing users the confidence to train their models without compromising their data.

The Audio Intelligence Platform integrates smoothly for a top-tier developer experience, offering high-speed processing and cost-efficiency through its cutting-edge audio APIs.

It is trusted by thousands of developers worldwide and is supported by a multi-cloud infrastructure. Their ethical approach highlights respect for music creators, emphasising AI as a tool for creative enhancement rather than as a replacement.


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Pros and Cons


Robust music APIs
Audio solutions for development
Capabilities include stem separation
Time stretching feature
BPM detection
Overdrive, reverse & limiter functions
String, drums, backing vocals stems
Subtitle alignment
Vocal synthesis
Lyrics transcription
Video mixer
Beat detection
Audio encoder
User-friendly interface
Drag-and-drop functionality
API integration
Native client support
Comprehensive SDKs
Data security
Privacy emphasis
High-speed processing
Multi-cloud infrastructure
Ethical approach
Respects music creators
Supports creative enhancement
Built-in workflows
Designs advanced workflows
Unmatched performance
Trusted by developers
Served 30M+ users
99.9% Uptime guarantee
Processes billion+ minutes of audio
Processes 1.2 million+ minutes daily


Not stated accuracy of APIs
No multi-language support
No Windows SDK
Limited support for non-music audio
No web-based SDK
Limited genre sensitivity
Potential high cost
Lack of feature customization
No Android Native Client
Emphasis on privacy may limit data sharing

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