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Composes original music and lyrics for diverse moods.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to compose some music?
Sample prompts:
Create a cheerful pop song about summer.
Write a melancholic blues piece.
Compose a rap verse about overcoming challenges.
Suggest a melody for a romantic ballad.
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Melody Maker is a GPT designed to generate original music and lyrics based on the specific genres and moods suggested by the user. It is an application built on top of ChatGPT, and it requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to be accessed.

The utility of Melody Maker resides in its capacity to emulate diverse music styles, spanning from cheerful pop songs to melancholic blues pieces, from rap verses to romantic ballads.

The user experience starts with a friendly welcome message asking if they are ready to compose some music, setting an interactive and engaging atmosphere right from the outset.

To assist the users in starting the creative process, Melody Maker provides a set of prompt starters relevant to numerous music contexts such as 'Create a cheerful pop song about summer', 'Write a melancholic blues piece', 'Compose a rap verse about overcoming challenges', or 'Suggest a melody for a romantic ballad.' However, users are not restricted to these options and can customise further based on their requirements and preferences.

This individualised aspect of song and lyric creation is what makes this GPT unique. Melody Maker can be an innovative tool for enthusiasts exploring songwriting, professional musicians looking for inspiration, or anyone interested in the creative intersection of AI and music.


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