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Express your musical imagination with our multimodal AI music generator.
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MixAudio is a multimodal AI music generator that allows creators to express their musical imaginations in various forms such as Background Music (BGM), remixes, and radio-style music.

It enables its users to generate and customize high-quality, royalty-free background music for various purposes. Creators can tailor their music using textual prompts, selecting an image that represents their desired feel, or providing an audio file with a similar vibe to their envisioned music.

A unique feature of MixAudio is their text to music capability: users can input a narrative or mood description and the AI will generate a fitting piece of music, similarly for image to music and audio to audio music generation.

The platform also offers a combination of text, image, and audio inputs for music generation, offering creators flexibility and control over their output.

Copyright issues are non-existent, as all music generated from Mixaudio is 100% royalty-free, providing peace of mind for users in their creative endeavors.


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MixAudio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates background music
Allows remix creation
Enables radio-style music generation
Produce high-quality music
Offers royalty-free music
Garner music with textual prompts
Selecting image for music vibe
Inputs audio for music generation
Text to music capability
Image to music capability
Audio to audio generation
Combination of text, image, and audio inputs
100% copyright safe
Designed for all creators
Enables music customization
Creative freedom in sound design
Expresses musical imagination
Helps in mood description
Generate music with Text + Image + Audio
Supports music for various purposes
Royalty-free background music creation
Easy to use
Flexible control over output


No offline functionality
No API access
Potential inaccurate mood representation
Limited music genre selection
No integration with editing software
Transition between inputs may be abrupt
Can't handle complex textual prompts
No collaborative feature
No multi-language support
Unclear pricing structure


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Can MixAudio generate remixes and radio-style music?
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Does MixAudio provide tools for music customization?
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Can I use textual prompts in MixAudio for music creation?
Can I provide my own audio file for Mixaudio to generate similar music?


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