Music creation 2023-04-01
Music composition with selection and playback.
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MusicAI is an AI-powered application available on Google Play that generates unique music tracks. With just one button, users can easily create music tailored specifically to their preferences.

The tool also provides a text-to-music feature, allowing users to turn their ideas into music compositions. MusicAI supports various music genres, including trap, jazz, rock, acoustic, disco, pop, techno, and EDM, among others.

Users can use the "Generate with Instruments" tool to compose AI musical pieces with violin, guitar, and piano. Additionally, MusicAI functions as a cutting-edge music player, offering originality in its music generating AI system.

It can compose soundtracks or beats for songs and provides an infinite range of musical possibilities. The application supports a variety of audio formats such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, and AAC.

It boasts a high-quality music player with adjustable stereo settings. The user interface design automatically changes the background image according to the music being played.

Features include shuffle, order, and loop options, as well as the ability to scan, manage, and share audio files.MusicAI allows users to save their compositions to their device and share them with friends and family.

It recommends high-quality songs daily and provides an outlet for creating original compositions without prior musical knowledge. Developed by Big Mobile Games, MusicAI is a valuable tool for art enthusiasts, singer-songwriters, music lovers, and sound artists seeking to unlock their creative potential through AI-generated music.


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MusicAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique music tracks
One-button music creation
Text-to-music feature
Supports multiple music genres
Composes with violin, guitar, piano
Infininite musical possibilities
Supports MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC
High-quality music player
Adjustable stereo settings
Dynamic user interface design
Shuffle, Order, Loop options
Scan, manage, share audio files
Saves compositions to device
Recommends high-quality songs daily
No musical knowledge needed
Music and audio playback
Generates tracks for various activities
Creates soundtracks or beats
Switches background to match music
Generates with chosen instruments
ui automatically changes with music
Can generate completely new tracks
Generates songs with multiple instruments
Suitable for various user types
UI Improvements in new updates
Data privacy and security
Ability to delete user data
No data shared with third parties
Background image auto-adjusts to music
Offers daily music news
Creates custom playlists
Generates romantic compositions
Ability to contact developers
In-app purchase option
Supports exercise, study, sleep music
Generates music for specific moods
Generates music for holidays
App Safety Transparency
Automatically scans all audio files
Highly versatile music generation
Available on Google Play
Full suite music player
Data is encrypted in transit
Developed by reputable company
Transform words into melodic compositions


Only available on Google Play
No support for macOS or Windows
In-app purchases
Contains Ads
Limited musical instruments
Cannot adjust instrument volume
Limited musical styles customization
Interface not customizable
No offline mode disclosed


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Who are the developers of MusicAI?
How can I download MusicAI?
Does MusicAI have in-app purchases?
What's the user rating for MusicAI?
Does MusicAI collect user data?


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