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Generate Unique, Copyright-Clear Music Instantly
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Hydra is an advanced AI music generation tool developed by Rightsify. It provides a solution for creating unique, copyright-cleared instrumental music and sound effects.

The model is designed for both commercial and artistic applications, serving businesses, content creators, artists, and anyone needing original music.

It's also been structured for diversity of use cases such as background music for content creators, soundtracks for TV, film, and gaming, productivity and therapeutic applications, among others.

Leveraging Nvidia A100 GPUs, Hydra delivers instrumental audio and sound effects based on an expansive music library under Rightsify-owned catalog. Music can be customized from 10 seconds to 2 minutes in length with genres, instrumentation, key, and tempo provided for better results.

The Hydra API allows integration into other music production software or tools, enabling the launch of generative music in user applications. The music generated by Hydra is cleared for commercial use under Rightsifys copyrights with no limit on commercial use of the generated music.

All tracks generated can be used indefinitely, regardless of the subscription status of the user.


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Hydra was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique music
Copyright-cleared tracks
Creates sound effects
Diverse use cases
Optimized with Nvidia A100 GPUs
Expansive Rightsify-owned catalog
Music customization features
API for software integration
Unlimited commercial music usage
Indefinite track usage
Generates tracks up to 2 minutes
Genres, instrumentation, key, tempo controls
Software integration via API
Rightsify's copyright coverage
No use limit post-subscription
Generates soundtracks for TV, film, gaming
Enables productivity and therapeutic applications
Compatible with other music production tools
Music for content creation
Supports various applications
Customizable music length
Training Built on expansive dataset
Powerful Nvidia A100 GPU technology
Focuses on instrumental music
Detailed prompts for better results
Custom samples and loops
Option to generate sound effects
Supports commercial use
Tracks useable indefinitely
No third-party music licenses required
Unlimited generations for 30 days
1k generations per month post-initial period


Requires Nvidia A100 GPUs
Limited to instrumental music
Requires detailed user input
Doesn't generate based on existing melodies
Length restricted to 2 minutes
Output only in WAV format
Expensive API access
Limited to Rightsify-owned catalog


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