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Composes and generates music with AI.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to make some music?
Sample prompts:
Compose a midi melody for me.
Help me with music composition ideas.
Help me write a midi chord progression.
Tell me about Lilypond and ABC notation.
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Melody Maker is a GPT that leverages artificial intelligence technology to compose music. It serves as an innovative tool, creating and generating MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files and sheet music based on AI-created melodies.

Apart from this, it has the capacity to interpret and utilize ABC and Lilypond notations for music creation. Built on the powerful ChatGPT platform, this tool is designed to aid users in their musical explorations.

Its functionalities aren't restricted to producing original melodies, but also offering assistance in developing music composition ideas. It underscores its adaptability by facilitating the creation of MIDI chord progressions, harnessing the complexities of music theory to aid users in their creative process.One distinguishing feature of Melody Maker is its understanding and incorporation of Lilypond and ABC notation, comprehensive text-based formats to notate music.

By interacting with these formats, the GPT can help users learn, engage with, and utilize these notations in their compositions.Essentially, Melody Maker positions itself as a creative partner for music aficionados, composers, or anyone interested in music, providing them with an AI-powered tool to compose and create personalized musical pieces.

Finally, the GPT expedites the composition process, offering an interactive and instructive musical creative experience.


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