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Okio, also known as Nendo, is an open-source AI-fuelled audio platform targeting professional usage. It offers a dynamic approach to managing, analyzing, generating, and discovering audio content leveraging AI technology.

With its powerful search capabilities, Nendo allows users to address the challenge of handling expansive audio libraries effectively. Users can sift through their audio collections with intelligent filters and natural language search functions.

This platform's functionalities don't stop at just searches. Nendo's AI tools also ease the process of generating metadata, transcribing voice data, and creating detailed descriptions of audio files.

It even includes AI models that summarize speech and detect topics among other insights. Additionally, Nendo specializes in sonic intelligence and generation.

Users can extract and manipulate audio with state-of-art AI models for music and voice creation. Furthermore, Nendo provides user-friendly content viewing, browsing, and editing, adapts to large libraries, and supports the grouping of content into collections.

Nendo also includes an Apps platform that supports the development of custom applications, integrates with the core platform and even allows third-party developers to extend its range of services.

Nendo ensures privacy control and is designed for cost-effective cloud utilisation. It provides a robust infrastructure and potent services while also allowing for application development with its open-source AI audio tool suite.


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Okio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source platform
Professional use targeted
Dynamic audio management
Audio content analysis
Audio content generation
Advanced search capabilities
Intelligent audio filters
Natural language search functions
Metadata generation
Voice transcription
Detailed audio descriptions
Speech summarization
Topic detection in speech
Sonic intelligence and generation
Audio extraction and manipulation
Music and voice creation models
Content view, browse and edit
Handles large libraries
Supports content grouping
Custom applications support
Third-party development integration
Privacy control features
Cost-effective cloud usage
Robust infrastructure
Audio Analysis
Audio editing
Similarity search
Auto-Tagging of music
Auto-Captions for songs
Voice Transcription insights
Voice Generation
Music Generation
Polymath feature
Music Generation model training
Apps platform
Mashuper application
API for third-party integration
Intuitive content browsing
Flexible content collections
Easy metadata viewing and editing
Scalable for large libraries
Easy & fast application development


Limited to audio content
Complexity for non-experts
Potential privacy concerns
Large audio libraries needed
Dependent on third-party apps
No specified offline support
Unspecified cross-platform compatibility
Potential steep learning curve


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Can Nendo create music and voices using AI?
How does the search function work in Nendo?
How do natural language and intelligent filters assist in managing audio content?
How does Nendo support application development?
Can third-party developers extend the functionalities of Nendo?
What are the privacy assurances provided by Nendo?
How is Nendo designed for cost-effective cloud usage?
What does the Apps Platform of Nendo offer?
Is Nendo adaptable to large libraries?
How does Nendo aid in editing and viewing content?
Can Nendo group content into collections?
What is meant by 'open source' in reference to Nendo?
Does Nendo offer any custom audio services?


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