Music creation 28 Dec 2018
Livestreamed music generator with death metal themes.

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DadaBots is a machine learning platform that generates death metal music 24/7 via livestream. It uses raw audio neural networks to imitate and learn from existing bands.

Through the platform, users can access and create music deep fakes inspired by popular bands such as Nirvana and John Coltrane. The platform is also home to a cult following on Discord and Twitter, and features a range of videos and audio clips showcasing their work.

DadaBots produces music with a relentless doppelganger neural technical death metal sound, as well as outerhelios neural free jazz sound. With DadaBots, users have access to a wide variety of music styles and can explore the limitless possibilities of AI-generated music.

Dadabots was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates death metal music
Music livestream available 24/7
Raw audio neural networks
Can imitate popular bands
Music deep fake creation
Large user community
Supports various music styles
Features user-created work
Doppelganger neural technical sound
Outerhelios neural free jazz sound
Creates band-inspired music
Interactive Discord and Twitter community
Produces unique death metal sounds
Allows limitless music generation
Livestream inspired soundtracks
Generates music on the fly
Integrated social media channels
Provides creative freedom
Machine learning music platform
Offers death metal livestreams
Streams band-inspired music 24/7
Generates inspired cover songs
Strong cult following
Facilitates music exploration
Produces audio and video clips
Hosts music on YouTube
Features on various press outlets
Offers merchandise to fans
Generates impossible cover songs


Specific genre focus
No user control
No music customization
Requires internet for livestream
Limited band imitations
No offline functionality
Deep fakes may infringe copyrights
Limited platform integration


What is DadaBots?
How does DadaBots work?
What type of music does DadaBots generate?
What bands can DadaBots imitate?
What are music deep fakes in DadaBots?
Does DadaBots provide user access to music creation?
Can you customize the style of music in DadaBots?
Where can we see DadaBots' work or listen to the music it generated?
How can I join the DadaBots community on Discord?
What is the 'Relentless Doppelganger Neural Technical Death Metal' on DadaBots?
Can DadaBots create music inspired by John Coltrane?
Does DadaBots offer any other styles of music beyond death metal?
How does DadaBots use neural networks to generate music?
Does DadaBots have a Youtube channel to showcase its work?
How can I mail DadaBots for any queries?
Does the DadaBots platform offer any merchandise?
Is DadaBots available 24/7 for music generation?
Do I need any special skills to use DadaBots for music creation?
How often does DadaBots update its music generation capabilities?
Can you save and share the music you create with DadaBots?

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