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WhatBuilds is a tool builder specifically designed for building web applications in a swift and efficient manner. It utilises a drag and drop user interface with over a thousand components aimed at expediting the tool creation process.

This platform appeals to various teams including those concerned with support, operation, sales, engineering, and administration tasks. One of its notable features is its ability to seamlessly connect any source, such as databases, APIs, Warehouses, and SaaS applications, making data management easier and more streamlined.

It also boasts an AI-equipped feature that generates code, enabling the user to create queries on their data without needing to write code themselves.

The generated code from the AI helps to make tool creation more efficient and user friendly, reducing the technical barrier for those who may not have extensive coding experience.

This effective application builder tool is appreciated by innovative teams and has gained recognition and use by a wide range of users.


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Pros and Cons


Swift web application building
Drag and drop UI
Over 1000 components
Suitable for various teams
Seamless source integration
Database, API, Warehouse, SaaS connection
Efficient data management
Codeless query creation
User-friendly tool creation
Reduced technical barrier
Rapid development
Low code platform


Limited to web applications
Less control over generated code
Only drag and drop interface
UI customisation potentially limited
Requires external data sources
Generated code clarity unknown
May overlook deep data quirks


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How can WhatBuilds help support, operation, sales, engineering, and administration teams?
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How user-friendly is WhatBuilds for non-coders?
Can WhatBuilds integrate with APIs and databases?
How efficient is tool creation using WhatBuilds?
What kind of web applications can be built using WhatBuilds?
Does WhatBuilds allow creating queries on data without code?
Is there a trial or free tier option for WhatBuilds?
How can WhatBuilds assist in data management?
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