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Customized chatbot creation without coding.
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ZBrain.AI is a platform that enables users to create a personalized ChatGPT app trained on their own data. The tool allows users to import data in any format, including text or images from any source like documents, cloud or APIs.

Once the data is uploaded, ZBrain.AI launch a ChatGPT-like interface based on the user's preferred Large Language Model like GPT-4, FLAN and GPT-NeoX and answer user queries based on the imported data.

ZBrain.AI also includes a feature called ZBrain Flow, which empowers users to create business logic without writing any code. The intuitive flow interface allows users to connect multiple large language models, prompt templates, and image and video models with extraction and parsing tools to build powerful and intelligent applications.

The drag-and-drop Flow interface simplifies creating and modifying complex business logic. Additionally, ZBrain.AI includes a Risk Governance feature that enhances data safety by removing risky information and replacing it with synthetic data through prompt engineering.

The tool identifies and eliminates risks such as Financial Risk, Medical Risk, Privacy Risk, Safety Risk, Harmful Language Risk, IP/Code Risk, and Confidential Info Risk.

ZBrain.AI is also optimized to work across various departments in different industries, including automotive, customer support, cyber security, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, logistics, manufacturing, retail, SaaS, and supply chain.

The tool provides users with a comprehensive list of sample questions that can be asked to an LLM connected to a company's private data source to optimize workflows.


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Jul 10, 2023
CallAre you looking for information about voice changer call apps? Voice changer call apps are applications that allow you to modify or disguise your voice during phone calls. These apps are typically used for entertainment purposes or for maintaining anonymity.

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Pros and Cons


Customized chatbot creation
No coding needed
Supports any data format
Imports data from varied sources
Compatible with GPT-4, FLAN, GPT-NeoX
Warnings for risky data
ZBrain Flow for business logic
Drag-and-drop business logic modeling
Risk Governance feature
Multi-sector optimization
Sample questions for company data
Supports various large language models
Image and video models supported
Tools for extracting and parsing
Risk mitigation in data handling
Cross-industry application
Data governance for data protection
Creates personalized ChatGPT apps
Applicable in various departments
Critical risk identification
Industry specific workflows
Eliminates Identified risks
Use with proprietary data
Automotive industry application
Customer Support application
Cyber security application
Education sector application
Finance sector application
Healthcare industry application
Hospitality sector application
Insurance sector application
Legal industry application
Logistics sector application
Manufacturing industry application
Retail sector application
SaaS industry application
Supply Chain sector application
Tenant-specific actions supported
Background Digital Agents
Generating content using tenant data
Creating scripts, queries, expressions
Create unique avatars, icons
Search with natural language prompts
Prompt-based form creation


No multilingual support
No voice command feature
Limited language models
No sentiment analysis
Risky chatbots creation
Potential data integrity issues
Limited data formatting capabilities
No real-time analysis
Potentially complex drag-and-drop interface
Requires manual data upload


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How does ZBrain handle data privacy and safety?
How does ZBrain.AI mitigate potential risks?
Can ZBrain.AI work across different industries?
What is the purpose of sample questions provided by ZBrain?
How does ZBrain intimatly work with tools like GPT-4, FLAN and GPT-NeoX?
What is the 'Risk Governance' feature of ZBrain?
What industries is ZBrain optimized for?
Can you run background Digital Agents for specific tasks on ZBrain?
Does ZBrain allow me to search tenant data with natural language prompts?
Can you create images specific to a tenant, like creating unique avatars, icons etc. on ZBrain?
What is 'prompt engineering' in ZBrain?
How does ZBrain replace risky information with synthetic data?
What formats of data can you import on ZBrain?
Does ZBrain have a feature for creating tenant-specific application data?

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