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LLM-powered app development and deployment platform.
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Vellum is a development platform specifically designed for building LLM (Large Language Model) applications. It offers a range of tools that facilitate prompt engineering, semantic search, version control, testing, and monitoring.

This platform is compatible with all major LLM providers.With Vellum, users can bring LLM-powered features to production by utilizing prompt engineering tools.

It allows them to compare, test, and collaborate on prompts and models. The platform also enables users to incorporate proprietary data as context in their LLM calls, enhancing the accuracy of the results.

Vellum further supports efficient deployment, versioning, and monitoring of LLM changes in production, providing a streamlined workflow for complex LLM chains.To ensure the quality of LLM outputs, users can evaluate them at scale using Vellum's test suites.

The platform also offers monitoring and observability features, allowing users to track the performance of their LLM features in production and gain insights into what is working effectively.One of Vellum's notable features is its no-code LLM builder, which enables users to build a wide range of LLM-powered applications without coding skills.

Additionally, it offers workflow automation, document analysis, copilots, fine-tuning, Q&A over documents, intent classification, summarization, vector search, sentiment analysis, chatbots, and LLM evaluation functionalities.Customers have praised Vellum for its ease of use, fast deployment, detailed production monitoring, prompt testing capabilities, and collaborative workflows.

The platform also offers the flexibility to choose the best LLM provider and model for a specific task, without being tied to a single provider.Overall, Vellum provides a comprehensive solution for development teams seeking to leverage LLM capabilities in their applications, offering a range of tools to streamline the development, deployment, and monitoring processes.


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