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Create and share custom apps without coding.
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The No-code generative AI Blog is a platform that allows users to create and share artificial intelligence applications without the need for coding. It offers a collection of best-in-class generative AI models that can be used for various tasks such as conversation, creativity, and prediction.

The platform provides a wide variety of AI models to enhance productivity, including conversational question answering, document synthesis, text drafting, artistic image/video/audio generation, data analysis, anomaly detection, and trend forecasting.Users can personalize these AI models to suit their specific needs by easily adapting them with their own data.

They can also design super intelligent AI agents by combining the individual expertise of different cutting-edge AI models. The platform emphasizes transparency, as all published AI models are open-source, and the datasets they were trained on, along with their limitations and biases, are readily available.The No-code generative AI Blog aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to all users and is committed to fostering a transparent environment for AI development.

Users can join the platform, create their own AI task solvers, and contribute to the mission of democratizing AI. The platform is designed and coded by the Automi Team, and more information about the team and their contact details can be found on their website.


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Automi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transparency emphasis
Access to training datasets
Provides biases and limitations
Data analysis tools
Anomaly detection tools
Trend forecasting tools
Easy adaptability to data
Designed by expert team
Community-driven development
Supports user contribution
Best-in-class generative models
Covers range of tasks
No programming required
Enhances productivity
Promotes creativity and customization
User-friendly platform
Creativity promotion
Excellent support center
Clear terms of service
Secure privacy policy


Lacks pre-made templates
No version control
Limited model customization
No multi-user collaboration
Reliance on users' own data
No clear support channels
Insufficient documentation
No SDKs for development


What is Automi Apps?
What is the main function of Automi Apps?
How can I create my own app using Automi Apps?
What tasks can Automi Apps AI models perform?
Can I personalize the AI models in Automi Apps?
How can I adapt different AI models to my specific needs in Automi Apps?
Can all the AI models in Automi Apps be combined?
Are all the AI models in Automi Apps open-source?
Where can I find information about the datasets of the AI models in Automi Apps?
Can I join Automi Apps platform to create my own AI task solvers?
Who designed and coded Automi Apps platform?
Where can I find more information about the Automi team?
Can I sign up for Automi Apps?
Can I share the AI applications I created in Automi Apps with others?
What are the limitations and biases of the AI models in Automi Apps?
What AI models are available 'at my fingertips' in Automi Apps?
How can I start my generative AI journey with Automi Apps?
Is there support or help available for using Automi Apps?
Where can I find the terms of service and privacy policy for Automi Apps?
Is there user guide or resources available for Automi Apps?

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