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Customizable chatbot generator for websites and apps.
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Cloozo is an AI tool that allows users to effortlessly create chatbots for their websites or apps, regardless of their technical expertise. It caters to both small business owners and seasoned developers, providing them with the ability to build interactive and intelligent chatbots within minutes.One key feature of Cloozo is its ability to train chatbots using information from websites or a set of documents, enabling them to speak and understand the specific language of the user's business.

The tool also offers a diverse range of visual options for customization, allowing users to make each chatbot visually distinct and aligned with its specific identity.Cloozo is built for agencies, making it an ideal choice for agencies that want to offer chatbot services to their clients.

Each chatbot created with Cloozo can have its own OpenAI and Pinecone API keys, ensuring optimal performance and security. The generated JavaScript code is properly encrypted to prevent any browser attacks.The tool offers different pricing plans: Mercury, Earth, and Jupiter.

The Mercury plan is suitable for those starting with the chatbot business, the Earth plan is designed for small businesses looking to start a business around chatbot services, and the Jupiter plan caters to agencies looking to sell chatbot services to their clients.

All plans have no character limits imposed by Cloozo and allow users to add their own OpenAI and Pinecone details. The Mercury plan includes "Powered by Cloozo" branding, while the Earth and Jupiter plans do not have any branding.Cloozo also provides the option to train chatbots with custom datasets and allows users to create chatbots for their clients, making it a versatile tool in the AI chatbot market.


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Pros and Cons


Build chatbots effortlessly
Non-technical user friendly
Chatbot training from websites/documents
Business-specific language understanding
Diverse visual customization
Ideal for agencies
Individual API keys per chatbot
Optimal performance
Enhanced security
Browser attacks prevention
Custom datasets for training
Create chatbots for clients
No character limits
Embed on unlimited websites
PDF, Text, CSV file upload
Scrape multiple websites
Integrate with Notion and Airtable
Monetization opportunities for agencies
Multiple pricing options
Suitable for small businesses
Plan without Cloozo branding
Upto 10 starter questions
Can offer chatbot services


Limited chatbot quantity
No Notion or Airtable integration for lower plans
No refunds
Additional branding on cheaper plan
Limited starter questions on Mercury plan
Doesn't offer free version
No support for other databases integration
Possibly expensive for startups
No explicit multi-language support
Unclear documentation support


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Does Cloozo impose character limits on chatbots?
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Is Cloozo suitable for selling chatbot services to clients?
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What kind of datasets can I use to train chatbots on Cloozo?
Is it possible to embed Cloozo chatbots on unlimited websites?
What type of files can be uploaded to Cloozo for chatbot training?
Who can I contact if I need more than 60 chatbots on Cloozo?
What's the procedure to create a chatbot from scratch on Cloozo?
What are the integration options available with Cloozo?
Is there a free demo available for Cloozo?

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